Is There A Cure for Herpes Simplex Virus?

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Is There A Cure for Genital and Oral Herpes?

Herpes is a viral infection. Traditional medicine has no answer to “How to Cure Herpes?” because there is no vaccine yet. There are some medicines widely recommended to manage the symptoms of herpes. You can get some transient relief and in some cases people may experience the symptoms subsiding in a few days. The temporary respite is primarily owing to the healing properties of the ointments or creams, not antibiotics.

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The skin inflammation can be reduced with various topical solutions but that would not cure herpes. If the symptoms subside in a few days after you have taken some medicines or applied some lotions, you can be sure that the infection has run its course and it is not the prescribed solutions that can be credited.

Will There Ever Be A Cure for Herpes?

You don’t need to look for any cure for herpes in the future as there already is a plethora of treatments, all natural remedies that have worked wonders for innumerable people. You may wonder has anyone ever been cured of herpes and the answer is yes, many people. However, if you are looking for a solution within the ambit of traditional medicine then you would have to wait for a while.

There are some promising developments towards creating a vaccine that can effectively immunize people against the herpes simplex virus, both type one and type two. The two types are respectively responsible for cold sores and genital herpes. Till such time a vaccine is created and has been proven to be effective on humans, that will be after long and meticulously observed clinical trials, there will be no cure for herpes in traditional medicine.

Is There A Cure for Genital Herpes

It is not possible to cure a viral infection with antibacterial medicines or even antimicrobial drugs. Topical solutions will only work when the symptoms have appeared as they are effective at the surface. These remedies don’t help when the virus is inside your body, dormant or inactive for a period of time.

How Do You Know If You Have Herpes?

Before we delve into the natural remedies for herpes, it is necessary for you and everyone to be sure that the symptoms are indeed those of herpes, be it cold sores or genital herpes. You may mistake pimples, ingrown hairs or jock itch as a case of herpes. They are not. Some skin irritations can worsen quickly and they may look extremely suspicious.

You may jump to the conclusion that may seem obvious if you have had sex with someone recently. Herpes is so firmly etched in our minds that it is the first possible inference whenever there is some serious inflammation on our skin. Like the symptoms of herpes, many other skin inflammations or infections also come and go. They don’t persist for very long but recurrence is common. Focusing on occurrence and recurrence alone will not be helpful to be conclusive.

Herpes has a period of outbreak followed by dormancy or inactivity and there is an incubation period leading to another outbreak.

• In case of genital herpes, the symptoms may last for as few as three days or as many as fourteen days. The symptoms may linger for a longer period of time in some cases.

• Cold sore symptoms usually last for a week to twelve days. There are of course exceptions.

Use this timeline to ascertain if you have herpes or if the symptoms indicate another underlying cause. Symptoms of herpes appear as sores or blisters. That is the general assumption. Blisters, sores, cuts and lesions are of course common but they are not the only symptoms. The symptoms will not only vary from one individual to another but there are asymptomatic cases as well.

You may have no symptoms at all and yet you could be infected by the herpes virus. You may find out about it months or years later. It is not rare for people to live an otherwise normal life despite contracting the virus, in a few cases for decades before there is an outbreak.

Conditions Often Mistaken for Herpes

Canker sores or aphthous ulcers can be confused with herpes. Unlike herpes, canker sores are not contagious. The sores would occur inside your mouth and will be predominantly grayish. They will also have well formed edges. The sores do not require any medical intervention. They will subside on their own in ten days up to a fortnight. Sores as the symptoms of oral herpes will be similar to blisters or cold sores, common during fever. Canker sores or ulcerations can be caused by bacterial infections and trauma or some kind of stress in the mouth. They could also be allergies.

Yeast and bacterial infections may also be mistaken for genital herpes. Not every type of blister in your genital area is caused by the herpes simplex virus. Yeast or bacteria can cause vaginal discharge, the itching or burning and irritation in the genital area could be due to such discharge, the infections caused by yeast or bacteria will cause pain during urination and even while having sexual intercourse, there would be whitish or grayish discharge and there can be some rash too. Bacterial or yeast infections are rare among men so if they have blisters in their genital area, then it is more likely herpes.

Is There A Cure for Herpes

Other conditions that can cause blisters or sores are impetigo which is a bacterial infection common in children, syphilis which is another type of bacterial disease and molluscum contagiosum which is a viral skin infection. Impetigo and syphilis respond to medicines, especially antibiotics for their antibacterial properties.

Molluscum contagiosum symptoms are raised lesions, often having one central dimple. These are not exactly the same as the blisters or sores associated with herpes. You may even confuse genital warts with herpes. If the warts are the same color as your skin, look a little massy and vary largely in shape and size, then they are mostly genital warts and you are not suffering from herpes.

An infection caused by the human papilloma virus will often have symptoms similar to those caused by herpes. You may experience a burning sensation or itchiness in the genital area, there will be some red or pink spots that are usually tiny and they may grow painlessly and there could be some warts that could be white or gray or yellow and they may develop in and around the genital area as well as the buttocks. Symptoms you think are of herpes may fortunately be ingrown hair follicles, pimples, jock itch, insect bites, abrasions, razor burn or just the impact of friction from having sexual intercourse. They could be hemorrhoids, which should be a little concerning.

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Carry Out An Informed Self Diagnosis

All you need to do is read about the specific variations of symptoms caused by herpes. There is no dearth of images that you can refer to while checking out the sores or blisters. You should also observe the severity of the symptoms as they go from the outbreak phase to the dormant phase. You should be able to conduct a self diagnosis. You don’t necessarily need to visit a doctor. However, you may want to be sure so a thorough medical diagnosis will help.

A doctor will be able to confirm or allay your fears but one would not be able to cure your herpes. The only answer a doctor will have to your obvious question can you cure for herpes is a standard prescription with antibiotics and topical solutions. You need to explore natural remedies that have been proven to be effective, none of which will be advised by most doctors.

Some doctors may recommend changes to lifestyle and a few will even recommend a diet to naturally suppress the symptoms, to strengthen your immune system and to detoxify your body while providing the essential micronutrients that can help fight the virus.

There is A Natural Cure for Genital and Oral Herpes

For a comprehensive understanding of all such remedies, you need a holistic guide like the Herpes Cure Secrets. You must know about the specific foods that you can eat and the foods you should not eat. There has to be some restriction on various types of drinks as well. There is a plethora of natural remedies that are indeed holistic, factoring in your lifestyle, overall health, personal and professional compulsions, hygiene and sex life.

There are herbal remedies that can work wonders. Some people may want a more amenable remedy, especially if the required herbs or organic ingredients are not readily available. Whatever are your personal preference and the severity of the symptoms of herpes, there are ample solutions you can explore and choose one that works for you, makes your life simpler and effectively cleanses your body, ridding it of the virus.

Herpes is chronic. You cannot presume the infection to have run its course after the first fortnight or so when the symptoms subside. The virus will undergo incubation again and you will have recurring symptoms. The recurrence may happen in a few weeks or several months. You should cure herpes and not just manage the symptoms.
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