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Is Herpes Curable? Expert Answers You Need To Know About Herpes Cure

Herpes is not curable if you confine your remedies to antibiotics, creams and other traditional medicines. Herpes is curable if you choose natural remedies. The prescribed antibiotics or over the counter creams would at the most make your herpes manageable. 

Is Herpes Curable?

The symptoms can be contained but only temporarily and you will get transient relief. Once the effect of the antibiotics or creams wears down, you would experience the same discomfort, itchiness and pain, only to be compelled to try the remedy again. You may strictly adhere to a recommended dosage and course. Yet, you wouldn’t find the answer to is herpes curable in traditional medicine.

The reason is simple. Herpes is a viral infection. Medicines meant for bacterial infections cannot treat it. There has to be a vaccine for humans to be protected against viral infections or the immune system should develop antibodies to fight the outbreak. Neither is there a vaccine nor has the human immune system developed any antidote for the herpes simplex viruses one and two.

The Onset of Herpes

Both orofacial herpes and genital herpes are caused by viruses, the herpes simplex virus type 1 and the herpes simplex virus type 2 respectively. The onset of herpes varies from person to person. Someone may contract the virus, get infected and might have the symptoms overnight. Someone else may contract the virus, get infected outright but without any visible or realizable symptoms.

In the first scenario, the virus is already incubated and there is an outbreak immediately. In the second scenario, the virus latches onto a new host but doesn’t have the ability to cause the outbreak. The virus must undergo a period of incubation before it can cause the sores and other symptoms. This period of incubation can vary from a few hours to several days. It is possible a person would develop the first symptoms a week or ten days after getting infected. This makes it difficult for one to pinpoint the source of the infection, especially if one has had physical contact with more than one person.

Prevention is always better than cure. While it is best to be safe and avoid getting infected in the first place, the precautionary steps one has to take are quite unreal. It is not humanly possible to check and be certain if a sexual partner is not infected with the herpes simplex virus type 1 or herpes simplex virus type 2. Expecting anyone to refrain from all sexual activities is also not a realistic precautionary measure. The only preventive step that one can practically execute is to be aware of the onset of herpes. Sadly, this can be tricky. Since the symptoms may not be realizable immediately, one may be lead to believe nothing is wrong, only to be proven wrong when the incubation is over resulting in the viral outbreak.

Traditional medicines often work when a disease or infection is manageable, when it is not at its worst and when severity can be contained. In case of herpes outbreak, there is no containing the severity but only offering temporary pain relief and soothing the skin so the itchiness along with the discomfort is bearable.

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Where Traditional Medicines Fail

There are several concerns pertaining to traditional medicines. First, most traditional medicines don’t make any claims whatsoever that they are effective in curing herpes. You would notice the antibiotics and creams are multipurpose remedies. They are recommended or prescribed for a host of conditions.

The herpes virus family is potent and it is far too rigid compared to other viruses. It doesn’t really let go off the host easily. People can live with the herpes virus on or in their body for an entire lifetime, with recurring outbreaks every few years and in some unfortunate cases every few months. Such a condition demands a medicine with a specific purpose. There is no such medicine.

Second, many ointments and creams are available over the counter. The primary difference between traditional medicine and alternate medicine is the former’s efficacy in a specific type of condition. The dosage and course are recommended according to the needs of the patient, given the severity of the ailment. Over the counter medicines are not personalized.

People simply pick up the remedy they think would work and use it till they are disappointed. Since prescribed medicines do not offer any permanent relief from herpes, many people feel no need to spend the money on consultation with physicians or doctors. They simply opt for over the counter medicines or order them online. It is true paying for doctors make no sense if they cannot offer you the effective answer to is herpes curable. However, opting for over the counter medicines, creams and other remedies do not offer any better result. Even if you save some money on the prescription, it doesn’t save you from the often unbearable symptoms of herpes.

The third problem with traditional medicines is the limited approach of the various solutions. All available remedies focus only on the symptoms. The objective should be to get rid of the virus from the host body. Now a remedy can take a multi pronged approach to achieve that. A cure can limit the spread of the infection, contain the severity, reduce the pain and get rid of the itchiness. Then a cure can eliminate the chances of a future outbreak, which is also a certainty if the virus is not killed or got rid of from the host.

Finally, the remedy should ensure there is no further incubation leading to another outbreak. This of course doesn’t matter if the virus is no longer latched onto the host. None of these are even remotely the objective of traditional medicines. No antibiotic or pill, cream or ointment aims for these quintessential goals.

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Try Natural Remedies

Have you ever delved deep into what the traditional medicines, ala the prescribed drugs and creams, are actually made of? Most modern medicines use one or more formulae as the primary ingredient. The formula or formulas are often patented and you wouldn’t really know what exactly they are. You will find a strange name or an alphanumeric code. Many medicines also mention they contain some herbal or plant extract. If any pill or ointment contains any natural ingredient, it is always mentioned on the pack since it is well received by the consumers.

Everyone knows natural remedies are the best and yet traditional medicines promise an expected efficacy that unlabeled and unregulated alternative medicines don’t seem to offer. The reality is that traditional medicines use a lot of chemicals. These chemicals are cheaper to manufacture and they tend to create the effect that is needed to cure a particular condition. However, the effect they are supposed to create is essentially identical to what a natural remedy can. Whether you explore pills and capsules or creams and ointments, the various chemical compounds try to emulate the effect of naturally available essential oils, floral and herbal extracts, even root and stem extracts.

There aren’t just one or two but several natural remedies for herpes. None of the natural remedies have any side effect, whereas every traditional medicine has at least a few. The pills or capsules recommended for herpes cause mild or moderate side effects, from indigestion to nausea. The creams often tend to dry up the skin where they are applied since they are purposed to extract the moisture which otherwise would fuel the viral outbreak and allow them to thrive. It is normal to expect a cure that doesn’t cause any severe or even mild side effect. Interestingly, such outcomes are only possible with natural remedies.

The human body is accustomed to any kind of exposure to natural, herbal or plant based ingredients. Most importantly, the natural remedies actually aim to create an environment, on and in the human body, that is not ideal for the herpes virus to grow, thrive, exist or incubate. It is the only way to cure herpes.

Natural remedies, be it a fruit or flower, vegetable or plant, root or stem, leave or seed, have a high degree of bioavailability. It should be noted that the human body doesn’t receive and absorb everything it is exposed to. The human body absorbs or extracts what it is meant to. This absorption is what is known as bioavailability. It is this reason why most foods are cooked. Cooking converts the inactive or dormant nutrients in the foods to bio-available nutrition. Drugs, pills, capsules, creams or ointments that use chemicals do not have a high degree of bioavailability. Even if they use some natural extract, that is processed to an extent where it becomes a chemical derivative of the actual source. The processed material is again low on the index of bioavailability. The natural remedies you get to explore in the “Herpes Cure Secrets eBook” are not only affordable and safe but they are readily bio-available. The human body doesn’t have to be encouraged or prodded in any way to absorb and process the ingredients.

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