Your Options With HPV Treatments

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HPV Treatment For Low Risk Diagnosis

It’s a scary thing to “catch” any disease, but one that invades your private parts is particularly troubling. Just discussing the matter with anyone other than your personal physician is embarrassing and difficult. Don’t let that stop you from finding out more, however, because HPV can be dangerous.

What Is HPV Anyway?

Human papillomavirus, commonly referred to as HPV, is a virus that affects over 20 million men and women in the United States alone. Although often thought of as exclusively transmitted through intimate experiences, only 30 types of HPV are caught via this method of contact. With 70 other strains of the virus in existence, its impact reaches deep into nearly every demographic of the population. You can even get it when an open wound is exposed to the virus. Fortunately, not all types leave you with a serious diagnosis.hpv treatment

There are about a dozen low risk strains of this virus. They may cause abnormal characteristics or behavior to occur in cells. Frequently, these less threatening forms will result in growth of genital warts. Although considered harmless, most people find them very offensive and go to great lengths to find effective HPV treatments. In general, a topical ointment is prescribed which should remedy the situation within a few months. Otherwise, patients are simply observed for unusual or noteworthy changes.

HPV Treatment With Cancer-Related Risk

Abnormal cell changes in the cervix may lead to dangerous cancers. For this reason, a diagnosis of any one of the more than 12 types of dangerous human papillomavirus can be very frightening. Cryotherapy may be prescribed immediately or further on in the course of the disease, depending on the severity of cervical dysplasia, or the presence of precancerous cells.

Cryotherapy involves freezing the affected cells with liquid nitrogen. Conization is also an option in treating HPV, whereby the threatening cells are entirely removed. Sometimes, an electrosurgical method of eradication is employed, meaning an electrical current destroys the cells in question.hpv cancer treatment

While all of this may sound barbaric, these are the most modern and effective methods of HPV treatments available. With a cancer-related risk,your best course of action is one that is destroys all of the suspected cells. Follow-up testing to ensure success of the procedure is also recommended.

Vaccination And Other Forms Of Prevention

Although some controversy still surrounds the HPV vaccination, results are generally positive. Ask your doctor if you are likely candidate for this form of protection. Since this virus can be spread through oral sex or any other form of contact with secretions from an infected person, knowing your partner well, including their medical history, before getting to know them intimately is highly advisable. While it’s an extremely common disease, that doesn’t mean you want to be part of the crowd that tests positive. Take sensible measures for it much the same way you’d protect yourself from HIV, herpes or other sexually transmitted diseases.

Natural HPV Treatment

natural hpv treatmentIf you suspect you’ve contracted any disease, visit our page right away. While dealing directly with the probing, prodding and other uncomfortable aspects of diagnosis and treatment are no fun, the process is essential to your health. HPV is manageable, if you follow the correct course of action. Learn more about hpv and find a natural cure

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