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How to Cure Herpes Fast? Cure Your Herpes at Home

Herpes is a common sexually transmitted infection that affects more than 50% of the population in the United States alone. But because of the way the condition is transmitted, many of those who are affected choose to stay silent and suffer without seeking treatment for it. Herpes however, regardless of how it’s acquired, is a medical condition much like any other and requires the same level of attention, care, and treatment as any other infection.

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Herpes comes in two different forms and those are Herpes Type 1 and Herpes Type 2. The main difference between these two types is their method of transmission and their manifestation, but they are otherwise the same. Both of these conditions are transmitted sexually, and both are commonly chronic, which means they are long-term conditions that can be present in a person for their entire life. While many of us try to be careful with the people we choose to have intimate contact with, the sad truth about herpes is that we can never really tell whether someone has it or not. This is because some carriers of herpes can be completely asymptomatic, which means that they don’t show any signs or symptoms of the condition at all, leading others to believe that they’re free of infection.

There are several signs and symptoms that can manifest when a person has herpes, but these can remain dormant for months after the infection is transmitted. Some of the most common symptoms of herpes are:

• Blisters around the mouth or the cervix
• Genital discharge
• Painful urination
• Feeling weak, sick, or unwell
• General malaise
• Blisters that burst and become ulcers around the genitals, thighs, rectum, and areas surrounding the intimate regions

For the first few days, individuals may also feel infection symptoms that ease and relieve themselves as the person develops an immunity against them.

• Tingling or burning sensation around the genitals
• Cold sores around the lips

How to Cure Herpes

Usual Management for Herpes

1. Painkillers The blisters, cold sores, and ulcers that develop during a herpes infection can be very painful and uncomfortable. This is why many doctors and specialists give their patients lifelong prescriptions for pain killers. While this can offer temporary relief, it pays to understand that it is not a permanent solution. Painkillers can only resolve the issue at the surface, and need to be taken consistently and frequently for relief. But when taking painkillers, certain side effects and dependency can develop, thus leading to further complications and issues in the future.

2. Anti-Viral Medication Because there is no medication developed to cure herpes, doctors might simply advise that a person take anti-viral medication to prevent the infection from multiplying. This medication is usually taken 5 times in a day, and sometimes, this helps to make the symptoms disappear temporarily. But patients on anti-viral medication should be made aware that despite the initial relief and disappearance of symptoms, herpes can still reactivate.

3. Ointments The blisters that appear during a herpes infection can be soothed with the use of lotions or ointments. But because the primary cause for these skin irritations is the herpes itself, simply slathering ointment or cream may not be an effective way to resolve the situation. It doesn’t matter what the lotion is made of or how often you layer it on your blisters – if the herpes itself is not resolved, those blisters will just keep appearing.

Why These Methods Aren’t the Best?

Despite the relief that these methods can provide those who have herpes, they’re not lifelong solutions. But because herpes is a chronic condition, individuals who choose these methods need to be ready to take them for life. What’s more, medications, ointments, and other common treatments for herpes come with their own sets of side-effects, which means while they’re able to provide temporary relief for the herpes symptoms, they in turn cause other issues that result to even more discomfort and pain.

Natural Ways to Cure Herpes

1. Olive Oil – Aside from being a common ingredient in many of the different dishes we know and love, olive oil has also proven to be a worthy treatment for herpes. This natural oil is known for its ability to moisturize the skin and is rich in anti-oxidants that work wonders for the sores and blisters that appear during an infection. Applying warm olive oil to the infected areas can relieve pain and help soothe blisters without the side effects of ointments and painkillers.

2. Echinacea – Found present in many supplements and herbal teas, echinacea is a medicinal plant that is known for its anti-viral properties. The plant’s roots, leaves, and flowers are used to improve the immune system, thus preventing the multiplication of the blisters and the aggravation of other symptoms.

3. Ice Packs – This is a simple, easy, and obvious way to relieve the symptoms of herpes, and can be performed virtually anywhere for instant relief. Before using ice packs, be sure to wrap them in a thick, damp towel and dab them gently on the affected areas. Long exposure to ice can damage the skin, so use ice packs with caution and care.

4. Lemon Balm – The flavonoids, peholic acid, and rosmarinic acids in lemon balm are popular for herpes relief because they’re effective in healing and relieving blisters. The best way to use lemon balm is to prepare it as a tea and to soak a small piece of cotton in the mixture. Dab the cotton onto the sores and leave it on for a few minutes. You can also opt to drink the tea for a holistic effect, working from the inside out.

5. Epsom Salt – Blisters can be very itchy, but scratching them could cause them to burst and bleed, which would in turn cause even more discomfort. The best way to relieve the itchy feeling associated with herpes is to use Epsom salt. Diluting some salt in warm bathwater and soaking in the bath for a few minutes can greatly reduce the need to scratch. This also dries out and disinfects any blisters and ulcers that may have formed, encouraging them to heal much faster.

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Why Natural is Better to Cure Herpes

While medications, ointments, and other herpes treatments developed by doctors are backed by science and research, the relief they provide is merely temporary. What’s more, they’re also likely to cause side effects, which when allowed to persist can also become very uncomfortable and painful..With natural methods, you can be sure that the relief and comfort are all safe and free from side-effects. These methods are accessible, effective, and not to mention, a lot more affordable than any other treatment you’re bound to find.

Yes, it can be a struggle to live with herpes, and yes, it can feel daunting to seek medical attention and help for your condition, but thanks to these natural home remedies, you don’t have to suffer through the pain.

Herpes can be relieved and even cured with a few natural home solutions that you can perform with comfort, ease, and convenience. All you need to do is read, understand, and dedicate the time to say goodbye to herpes for good.

We know it’s hard and the thought of having to live with herpes for the rest of your life can be very saddening, but we’re here to help. Get Herpes Cure Secrets today and learn how you can achieve a healthy, happy, herpes-free life with this helpful guide on the most effective, natural cure for herpes.


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