How Do You Get Herpes and What Are Herpes?

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How Do You Get Herpes?

Herpes comes in two forms. One is Herpes Virus Simplex Type 1 and the other is Herpes Virus Simplex Type 2. The first form of herpes is linked with blister-type infections near the mouth and it afflicts 3.7 billion people worldwide. The second form leads to infections of the genitals and/or the anus and it afflicts 400 million people all over the globe.

How Do You Get Herpes

In terms of how these diseases are transmitted, the first form may be transmitted via kissing or other oral contact. Sharing items such as toothbrushes may also transmit the infection.

The second form of Herpes is an STD. This means that it is a sexually transmitted disease and it’s generally transmitted via intimate contact (genital to genital, etc.).

While condoms do reduce the risk of transmission of Herpes Virus Simplex 2, they don’t negate it.

Herpes is a virus which causes blistering sores. It’s everywhere is our world and the stigma related to herpes is rather sad. After all, it infects all different types of people.

Genital herpes is an incredibly common sexually transmitted disease that is caused by a virus that is known as herpes simplex, or HSV. There is more than one strain of this virus and genital herpes can be caused both by the Type 1 strain and the Type 2 strain. Cold sores are also caused by the herpes simplex virus, and it is possible to catch genital herpes from someone who has a cold sore.

Genital herpes spreads incredibly easily, and for this reason there is a lot of confusion about how it passes from person to person. Common questions include “can you get herpes from someone who shows no symptoms” and “how do you get herpes without sex” The answer to these questions is, in both cases yes.How Do You Get Herpes

Rich or poor, monogamous or not, male or female, young or old…this disease doesn’t discriminate. It’s just bad luck (in most cases, anyway) when people get infected. While the stigma has gone down, it’s still there and this stigma is just one more reason why people hate receiving herpes diagnoses or sharing with others that they have herpes.

Herpes is Easy to Catch

Sadly, it’s all too easy to get herpes and that’s why the statistics for infection are sky-high. While there are worse things in life than getting herpes (it isn’t fatal), it’s safe to say that it’s something that nobody wants. It’s a hindrance to a normal life, although the second form is definitely more of a hindrance than the first.

Herpes is easy to catch because people don’t always know that they have it. They may pass it on unwittingly and this happens a lot. Also, since there is no safe sex method for kissing, even an innocent kiss good night after a first date may be enough to spread Herpes Virus Simplex 1.

How Do You Get Herpes Type 1 & Type 2?

Herpes is a virus that is incredibly resilient, and it can spread from a carrier to another person even if the carrier does not have symptoms at the time. In addition, you can catch herpes if you come into contact with someone who has a cold sore (or even handle the pen of a cold-sore sufferer after they have put it in their mouth), and then fail to wash your hands properly. Herpes is incredibly virulent, and spreads easily.

One of the reasons that herpes spreads so easily is that it is possible to carry the virus for many years and not even know that you have it. Once you are infected with herpes, you are a carrier for life, but you may not show any symptoms for many years. Some carriers experience four or five outbreaks a year, just like some cold sore sufferers do, but others can live most of their life without suffering from an outbreak.

The only way to be certain that you will not catch herpes is to avoid sexual contact with people who have not been tested for the disease, to wear condoms when you do have sex, and to practice good hygiene at all times. Wash your hands when you go to the bathroom, and try to avoid touching your face or your lips with your hands. This will help you to avoid catching the strain of HSV that causes cold sores, and will therefore lessen the chances that the cold sore version of herpes could spread to your genitals.

People who know that they have herpes tend to protect others (there are exceptions, of course) – this means that they avoid intimate contact which might spread the virus when they are having outbreaks. However, trusting someone to not give you herpes may be granting them too much trust! It’s better to proceed with caution when it comes to pursuing intimate contact with a new person. For example, safe sex should be practiced and you may both want to show STD test results also.What is Herpes and Types

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However, nothing is one hundred percent safe. A person may get herpes after a recent test, etc. What’s important is to understand the risk.

This article isn’t meant to be all doom and gloom. The reality is that many happy people live with herpes (type 1 or 2). It is possible to live a fulfilling life even if you have a herpes diagnosis. The most important thing that you can do is educate yourself about treatment options.

You need to know what the best treatment options are. Herpes isn’t curable with medicines and antibiotics. However, it is definitely manageable and some great treatments are out there, although they may not be the treatments that you are most familiar with. Some treatments, in particular, treatments of the natural and holistic type, may be so effective as to make people feel cured, due to the sheer reduction of symptoms. This is a best-case scenario and it isn’t a pipe dream…

So, hope is out there. Most people require a bit of trial and error in order to find out what works best for them. When you choose a natural treatment plan, you may be able to skip the prescription medications for herpes treatment.

This is a good thing as many of the prescription-strength medications are rather harsh in terms of triggering side effects! Just look at the side effects of a popular, lab-created Herpes medication, such as Valtrex, and you’ll see what we mean! You’ll find some fairly nasty side effects, including mood swings, headaches, depression and a whole lot more!

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Which Treatments Work the Best?

Conventional treatments (i.e. prescription drugs) do generally help people. However, they are far from natural. The truth is that they can be harsh. We’ve already talked about the potential side effects of one commonly-prescribed prescription medication for herpes treatment. It’s safe to say that all lab-created medications of this type do have their downside and this downside may be rather significant for some users. This is why so many people are looking around for other solutions to their herpes problems, such as natural cures.

While you may wish to try these medications, you may also wish to test out natural therapies first. It’s probably the best way to see if you can get relief from herpes symptoms without taking lab-created chemicals. Chemicals are viewed by many as toxins. A toxin-free approach to treatment is out there and learning the most impressive natural treatment tips will help you to free yourself from lab-created prescription medications, or help you to avoid ever taking them at all.

So, how to find the right natural treatments for Herpes Simplex Virus? Well, it all starts with finding and getting a natural herpes treatment e-book.

Don’t just Treat Herpes, Cure it Now!

Why You Should Get Natural Herpes Treatment?

The best natural herpes treatment e-book will provide a convenient, step-by-step guide to combating herpes symptoms through the right diet, lifestyle and supplements. Great e-books of this type are written by herpes sufferers who wanted holistic remedies and did tons of research in order to find them! In addition, the nicest books of these types will be written in a spirit of compassion and camaraderie.

In other words, they’ll be written by fellow herpes sufferers who understand what you are going through! This is nice, as you’ll feel supported emotionally as you learn the best holistic strategies for fighting herpes and winning.

You’ll learn how to live in order to reduce the risk of outbreaks and how to speed-heal any herpes outbreaks that do happen. If you follow the tips, you’ll find that you’re able to remove outbreaks in the future and that your symptoms are less severe when you do have problems.

While it may not be possible to live herpes-free three hundred and sixty-five days per year, you’ll likely experience marked eliminations of symptoms. This will help you to feel happier and healthier on a daily basis, at least most of the time!

This type of e-book is also just so easy to use. If you’re a herpes sufferer and you want to develop a lifestyle which leads to better health, just download an electronic book on natural herpes cures/treatments and then download it after you pay. You’ll be able to read it right away on your home computer or mobile device. Some people print out their books, while others save them to hard drives and refer to them when they want to.

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Having a bunch of tips which all work well together (all of which are natural, safe and gentle) will be the key to unlocking superior self-care for herpes, without the risky drugs.

It’s all about knowing how to eat the right foods, understanding which foods are bad for you and also learning other tips, such as the importance of adequate sleep and supplements. There are so many amazing and natural home remedies for herpes. You’ll find all of the best tips in an e-book, so you won’t need to waste time and money finding the right natural herpes treatments. Everything will be laid out for you and there won’t be any guesswork.

Manage, Treat and Cure Herpes Today

You need a natural herpes cure to get quick relief. It’s the secret of feeling better and regaining personal confidence, via safe and natural treatment tips which are good for your whole body. It’s about strengthening the immune system, so the body resists the virus.

No matter which form of herpes you have, you’ll find that this type of book is an invaluable resource. It’s such a great way to improve your life, without spending a ton of money or going to a lot of trouble.

Hopefully, our guide to how herpes is transmitted has provided you with the hard facts that you need. We’ve talked about natural treatment options because we believe that they are the best treatment options.

You don’t need lab-created chemicals in order to strengthen your body. All that you need is the right holistic lifestyle for fighting off the virus. The tips found in a natural herpes treatment e-book will help you to empower yourself. It’s about preventing outbreaks and easing symptoms from outbreaks.

Now that you know the truth, why not do what’s right for your body? It all begins with finding the right electronic book and downloading it. Once you have this reference, you’ll be able to improve your health via safe and gentle lifestyle changes which are just so easy to make.

Improve the way that you feel. Get the natural herpes treatment tips that you need.

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