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herpes zosterHerpes Zoster (Shingles) Treatment

Herpes zoster also referred to as zoster, herpes zoster is a viral disease. Many people refer to it as shingles, a condition that can cause a painful skin rash on your body. Depending upon how bad the condition is, it may actually form blisters, and can occur at the most inopportune times. It is sometimes brought on during times of high stress and at other times it may simply manifest. In this article, we will look at signs and symptoms of herpes zoster and herpes zoster treatment what you should do in case you believe that you have this painful condition.

What Is Herpes Zoster?

Shingles is a viral condition that can happen on one side of your body or the other. It is initially caused by infection by a virus called varicella zoster and is often the result of once having short-term chickenpox. After your chickenpox has gone away, the virus is still in your body. It may take several years for this to actually reoccur and when it does, it will manifest as shingles.

Herpes Zoster Shingles

Signs And Symptoms

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There are many signs and symptoms associated with herpes zoster that are easy to detect. You may have very common problems such as a fever, a headache, nonspecific problems that may even lead to a misdiagnoses by your physician. But as the condition begins to progress, other symptoms will be seen. It will begin with a burning pain that you will feel on one side of your body or the other, which will then become itchy and slowly change to a prickly or numb feeling. In most cases, agonizing pain is the most common symptom, along with the rash that develops. Once that occurs, blistering can follow, making the condition almost unbearable.

herpes zoster

How Long Does It Last?

Shingles can last for a couple days and may even continue for several weeks. The initial phase is almost always followed by the skin rash, which usually occurs on your body and sometimes your face. You might even believe that you have the hives because of how the condition manifests. Once all of the symptoms have occurred, your doctor will be able to make a proper diagnosis.


What Happens When It Heals?

herpes zoster treatment

Once shingles has come to its end, and the vascular rash begins to abate, the rash will become darker and will cross over, usually in about ten days. Once it falls off, the skin heals, usually without any type of scarring. It can return for a variety of reasons and therefore you need to consider what caused it initially and not repeat the same sequence of events.

Herpes Zoster Treatment

herpes zoster treatmentHerpes zoster effects thousands of people every year and can be prevented by using a drug called Zostavax. You can also use analgesics, antiviral drugs and steroids to help the condition. By visiting a doctor as soon as you believe that you have this condition, you can potentially prevent it from developing all of the symptoms associated with this disease using the proper treatments at the early stages of its development. Also, you may visit natural herpes zoster treatment page.

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