Herpes Vaccine Research by 2017

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Herpes Vaccine Update and News

2016 witnessed glimpses of hope as news spread that an effective herpes vaccine may be available soon. As the year turned we are yet to encounter a herpes vaccine that is actually a cure, completely certain of preventing either or both herpes simplex 1 and 2.

Significant research has been undertaken over the decades. Some of the smartest minds are working on prevention and treatment of herpes. Drugs have been developed in the past, some vaccines have been tried and tested, genome editing has been considered and various alternatives have been experimented with.

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History of Herpes Vaccine Research

Many vaccines have been deemed appropriate for herpes in the last hundred years. None have been classified as truly effective or completely preventive for permanent herpes cure. The genetic similarity of herpes simplex virus 1 and 2 has made it very difficult to come up with a prophylactic-therapeutic vaccine. Only that would be effective against either one or both the variants of the virus. At the start of 2017, several herpes vaccines are being tested in various phases of clinical trials. We are yet to hear the last word on it.

Probable Vaccine for Herpes

Scientists, geneticists and doctors around the world agree that any vaccine for herpes should induce immune responses that can be effective in preventing the infection outbreak, the incubation that the virus must go through and to effectively make a person immune to the virus for a lifetime. To determine the effectiveness of any of the vaccine candidates, one must mitigate primary clinical episodes and should prevent the colonization of the ganglia. The vaccine must also reduce the severity and frequency of the recurrences. Finally, it should result in contained viral shedding.Herpes Vaccine Research by 2017

Probable Vaccines

HSV-2 ICP0‾ HSV-2 0ΔNLS is being tested by Rational Vaccines RVx. It is a live attenuated interferon sensitive vaccine presently in its first phase of trials. The dl5-29 / ACAM-529 / HSV-529 vaccine is developed by Sanofi Pasteur and David Knipe. It is a live attenuated replication-defective HSV vaccine in its first phase of tests.

Admedus HSV-2 therapeutic vaccine has had some promising results. It has been found to be effective in reducing viral shedding by as much as 58% and it can also reduce outbreaks by 81%. It is in the second phase of testing. Developed by Admedus and Ian Frazer, it is a DNA vaccine.

• Three other vaccines have been promising till date. Gen-003 developed by Genocea is in second phase of trials and has been found to be effective in reducing viral shedding by 58% and outbreaks can be reduced by 69%. HSV-2 ΔgD-2 from Albert Einstein College of Medicine developed by William R. Jacobs Jr & Betsy C. Harold is a live attenuated vaccine that has been in preclinical trials. It has been successful in combating the herpes simplex viruses in mice. HSV-2 Trivalent Vaccine from Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania developed by Dr. Sita Awasthi is also in preclinical trials and has showed promise by reducing viral shedding to 0.2% in animals.

HerpV developed by Agenus is a peptide vaccine in second phase of testing. Other vaccines waiting to be tested or in production phase are GV2207, Mymetics, Vitaherpavac & Herpovax, NE-HSV2, Tomegavax and Zostavax among others.

Herpes Vaccine in 2017?

It is well known that there is no vaccine for herpes that can be considered with certainty as a cure. Herpes cannot be cured with medicines as it is a viral condition. The only remedy that there can be in traditional medicine is a vaccine. That is the scope of the very nature of medicine we deal with in modern times.

Herpes Vaccine 2017 for Herpes Cure

Attenuated herpes vaccines have shown promise. Mice tested with two different vaccines and then administered a wild strain of herpes simplex virus that affects humans have been able to resist the growth of the virus but only one out of every four mice managed to survive after thirty days. Some vaccines have managed to sterilize the immunity which has helped mice live longer than a month. These are mostly the live attenuated variants of the HSV-2 vaccine.

In limited clinical trials that have been conducted on humans, no vaccine including HerpeVac or other subunit HSV vaccines has managed to be effective. They have failed to protect against the viral infection, incubation and outbreak. Two vaccines that have shown significant reduction in viral shedding still cannot prevent the viral infection or outbreak. The possibility of having a cure or effective protection against the viruses is at best deemed hopeful and not a certainty in the foreseeable future.

The Elusive Herpes Cure!

Some viruses in the same family, that the herpes simplex viruses belong to, have been combated and conquered, such as chickenpox. The scientific community is upbeat with the possibilities and the closer clinical trials get to being effective on mice and then on humans, even if it is just viral shedding and preventing frequent outbreaks, there is hope. However, the hope seems to be a never ending reality.

Herpes has to be prevented and special care must be taken to not get exposed to the virus. Anyone infected with the virus should resort to alternative forms of cure or treatments, which can at least help regulate the symptoms and contain the outbreaks if not cure the condition or treat it significantly. There is no prevention of herpes right now other than not getting exposed to the virus. There are possible cures in the realm of alternative medicine which are promising recourses.

You can consult your doctor and choose the path ahead. You may opt for herpes cures as revealed by many personal accounts of people who have tried alternative methods and have had significant success. There are organic and herbal remedies, including changes to diet and lifestyle that can help in containing herpes and facilitating a quicker recovery. You would be better off trying those cures than waiting for a herpes cure. Even if there is a vaccine for herpes, it is likely to help only those who are relatively young unless the vaccine is not exclusively meant for infants, which is the case with most of these preventive measures.

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