Herpes Type 2 : Causes, Symptoms and Natural Cure for Herpes Type 2

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How to Avoid, Manage and Cure Herpes Type 2?

Suffering From Herpes Type 2? Learn How to Get Rid of Nasty Herpes Type 2

Herpes type 2 or herpes genitalis is commonly referred to as genital herpes. There are two types of herpes, oral and genital, caused by two types of herpes simplex virus. The herpes type 2 or genital herpes is caused by herpes simplex virus type 2.

Herpes Type 2 Cure 2018

The herpes type 1 or oral herpes is caused by herpes simplex virus type 1. Both viral infections are common among all genders. A person may contract one or both viruses and can suffer one or both viral outbreaks at the same time.

Causes of Herpes Type 2

The cause of genital herpes is the herpes simplex virus of the herpesvirus family known as Herpesviridae. The transmission of the virus is usually sexual contact. There are cases where nonsexual physical contact has led to the contraction of the virus. Should anyone be aware of someone else around having herpes, it is best to avoid all kinds of physical contact. Sexual activities, be it intercourse or oral sex, should be a nonstarter if anyone has the slightest indication of suffering from herpes, either genital herpes or oral herpes.

It must be noted that both herpes type 2 and type 1 can coexist. A person may be infected by both viruses and yet be suffering from only one type of herpes. The other virus may be dormant or inactive. It may not have undergone the necessary incubation to cause an outbreak. This is one of the many reasons why herpes is so complicated.

It is absolutely possible for a person to be infected but not have any symptoms at all. This doesn’t imply the person is cured or has got rid of the virus. Another person getting into a physical or sexual activity with the infected person will contract the virus and it may cause an immediate or delayed outbreak. While symptoms of herpes type 2 are definitive indications that you should avoid all sexual contact, the possibility of asymptomatic herpes or one where there are no symptoms should not be forgotten.

The only cause of herpes type 2 is contracting the virus through physical contact, sexual or nonsexual. Hence, the only prevention of herpes type 2 is avoiding all sexual contact and not contracting the virus in the first place. There is no vaccine for herpes type 2 or for type 1. Many potential vaccines are being worked on but none have had any clinical trials on humans. Most are still in the stage of development and improvement. Very few have been tested on animals and they are nowhere close to being declared as absolutely safe and effective for human trials. We could be many years from actually having a vaccine for herpes type 2 or herpes type 1.

Symptoms of Herpes Type 2

Herpes type 2 is a chronic infection. It will persist, an outbreak will subside over time and then there will be a period of dormancy before another outbreak happens. Most people live with the herpes virus for years and some may have it for life. There will be spells of activity and inactivity, incubation and outbreak of the virus. The symptoms will vary depending on the stage of outbreak, incubation and inactivity of the virus. The symptoms of herpes type 2 can be broken down to the different phases of infection and outbreak.

• The first stage is referred to as primary infection or outbreak. A patient develops small blisters in and around the genital area. The blisters may be concentrated in the genital area and they would be sparse as they expand. However, severe cases can have concentrated blisters throughout the lower abdominal region. The blisters will eventually burst but they can also rupture prematurely. The skin will be reddish and eventually one would have open sores after the blisters have burst. The blisters usually do not spread to the rectum but there are reported cases where they have spread far and wide. Women usually have blisters and ulcers in and around the vaginal area, in the cervix and will experience vaginal discharge. All genders will experience pain and itchiness. The pain may increase during urination.

Herpes Type 2 Cure

• There are many associated symptoms of herpes type 2. Fatigue is common, so are aches throughout the body and a general feeling of unwell. Many people experience symptoms usually associated with flu. All symptoms can worsen over time and some may subside in a few days. Most symptoms last several weeks and only subside when the virus has run through its period of hyperactivity and multiplication. The first subsiding of symptoms is not an indication of natural herpes type 2 cure. It could be a transition from one outbreak to another, which is referred to as the second or recurrent infection. Recurrent infections are very common for both herpes type 2 and type 1. This is primarily because the virus goes into a dormant mode and is not really eliminated from the host body. The virus can undergo another round of incubation and cause an outbreak again.

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So, How to Cure Herpes Type 2?

There is no genital herpes cure if you are only considering traditional medicine. There is no dearth of pills and creams claiming to be an instant vaginal herpes cure or HSV 2 cure. You can try the best among them and you would still have the symptoms, the infection will not be cured and you would not be protected from a future outbreak. Some of these traditional medicines have serious side effects, whether they are prescribed or over the counter. You should be careful while choosing any of these remedies.

Millions of people are diagnosed with herpes type 2 every month. Most of them suffer from recurring infections. Only a few are lucky to have the primary infection and no subsequent outbreak. Not everyone has the same immunity and not every case of contracting the herpes simplex virus is equally severe. There are different extents of contraction and hence different phases or severity of the infection. Regardless of these variations, you ought to be responsive whenever you contract the virus or have the first symptoms. It is likely you wouldn’t know that you have contracted the virus till you have the symptoms, which could be a few hours up to a fortnight after getting infected.

It is no secret that over the counter or even prescribed medicines and creams have no effect on the virus. They may be able to reduce the pain, contain the inflammation, offer some relief when the blisters burst or help with the itchiness for some time but they cannot get rid of the virus, which is necessary for a complete herpes type 2 cure and to ensure there is no further outbreak. It should also be noted that traditional medicines like pills and creams do nothing to help you feel energetic or to ease the associated symptoms.

Fortunately, there is a plethora of natural remedies that you can try. Not all natural remedies will work for everyone but you will be able to figure out the best herpes type 2 cure for yourself from the available options.

All natural remedies or herpes type 2 cure have been tried by people who have suffered from herpes, in many cases more than once. They have been proven to be safe and they are a fascinatingly economic option. One doesn’t have to spend hundreds and in rare instances thousands to find some relief from genital herpes.

Natural remedies include using baking soda or cornstarch to get some relief from the blisters, warm baths with mineral salt can reduce pain, itchiness and irritation, reduce fatigue and facilitate sound sleep, Echinacea extract can be used in a tea, juice or a drink of your choice to contain the severity of the outbreaks and you should ensure impeccable hygiene to ensure dry skin or dead skin cells along with thriving bacteria on the body do not worsen the affected areas.

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Want to Eliminate and Cure Ugly Herpes Type 2?

The most definitive guide can be found in “Herpes Cure Secrets” where you can explore every natural remedy. There are comprehensive instructions of how you can obtain the specific ingredients, how you should use them and you would also get to explore real case studies that can be more specifically educative than generic information. The exact nature of genital herpes varies from person to person. It is not only the immunity of a person but also the severity of the viral outbreak that determine everything from the nature of the symptoms to how long the symptoms would last. Just as it is likely a person will have another outbreak and a recurring infection, it is equally possible a person will have no subsequent outbreak after the primary infection.

There is no definitive rule and hence traditional medicines fail miserably to deal with the uncertainties. Only a measured homemade natural remedy will work. It is possible some of the natural remedies will not yield the desired results but then you can explore other equally safe options, since there are no side effects of a completely natural cure.


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