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Herpes Simplex 2 : Signs, Symptoms, Treatments and Cure Methods

Herpes simplex 2 is one of the two viruses that cause herpes. Herpes simplex 2 virus causes genital herpes, also known as herpes type 2. The other virus is known as herpes simplex 1 and causes orofacial herpes, also known as sores. Both herpes viruses can cause sores but the herpes simplex 2 causes sores in the genital area, unlike the herpes simplex 1 virus that causes sores in the facial area, mouth and neck.

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Facts about Herpes Simplex 2

Herpes simplex 2 causes a chronic viral infection. Practically, the virus is transmitted from one person to another upon sexual and even nonsexual but physical contact, thereby undergoing incubation and causing an outbreak followed by a subsiding of the symptoms only to cause a remission and then several outbreaks but with reducing severity.

It may seem that the symptoms have completely subsided over a period of time and one may feel cured of herpes. But the virus continues to live on in the human body and can get triggered through incubation in the future. Hence, it is medically known as a chronic infection or condition. It is hard to say if someone is completely cured of herpes without any treatment.

The virus may live for the entire lifetime of the host and not cause any further outbreak if there is no incubation. With no vaccine for herpes simplex 2 and no medicine having any effect on the elimination of the virus, it remains a chronic condition without any cure in traditional medicine.

Herpes simplex 2 causes genital herpes and there will be obvious symptoms. It may also spread beyond the genital area and there may be symptoms not usually associated with genital herpes. Orofacial herpes symptoms may also appear if the virus spreads well beyond the genital area. Oral sex is almost always the cause of such a spreading of the virus. Both types of herpes have common symptoms such as fatigue, swollen lymph nodes, headaches, fever and sleep problems as well as lack of focus or concentration. These will be experienced during the outbreak of herpes simplex 2.Herpes Simplex Virus 2

Herpes simplex 2 can coexist with herpes simplex 1. A person can get infected with both the viruses at the same time. In such cases the symptoms will be far more severe and complicated to regulate. Genital herpes caused by herpes simplex 2 without any infection caused by herpes simplex 1 is painful enough. It would be very uncomfortable and in addition to adversely affecting the sex life there are far-reaching effects on normal day-to-day life. Itchiness, the stinging feeling, the sores which will turn to blisters and the spreading infection is physically and psychologically daunting. The symptoms can get unbearable.

The physical pain and suffering are worsened by the social stigma that is always pinned with herpes. It needs to be mentioned that herpes is a very common viral infection so the social stigma needs to be busted. As many as one in every six adults in the country will have herpes at some stage in their lives. It could be herpes simplex 2 or herpes simplex 1 or both. There are studies that have inferred around three fourth of the adult populace to have been or to be infected by herpes simplex 2 or 1 at least once.

Traditional Medicine and Herpes Simplex 2

Traditional medicine usually recommends two types of remedies for herpes. One is antibiotics and the other is topical creams. There are gels and lotions but essentially they are creams applied topically, which is on the skin.

The antibiotics and creams recommended or prescribed by doctors are usually Acyclovir oral, Zovirax oral, Zovirax topical, Valtrex oral, Valacyclovir oral, Xerese topical, Acyclovir topical or Acyclovir-Hydrocortisone topical, Acyclovir Sodium intravenous, Zovirax topical, Acyclovir topical, Xerese topical and Acyclovir-Hydrocortisone topical. The topical remedies are the creams. The intravenous remedy is administered as an injection. The oral remedies are pills or tablets that must be ingested.

Antibiotics fail to have any impact on herpes simplex 2 because they are meant to fight bacteria.

Antibiotics are remedies for bacterial infections. Hence, it is almost futile to even expect any relief from herpes simplex 2 or any impact on the infection with antibiotics. The same is true for antibiotic creams. The essential components of the creams or the ingredients do not change. The composition remains effective only on bacteria, that too a certain type of bacteria. Not only is herpes simplex 2 a virus but it is a particular strain of virus. There are many viruses in the same family and they all cannot have the same cure or treatment for herpes. This is why there are vaccines for specific viruses that humans have been immunized against.Herpes Type 2 Women and Men

Also, antibiotics are a preventive approach to limit the spread of an infection and to limit the growth of bacteria. They cannot stop the growth, spread or incubation and hence outbreak of viruses. One way to prevent the growth of such viruses is to administer a vaccine, which has not yet been developed. The other way to do so is to allow the immune system to develop antibodies that will attack the herpes simplex 2 virus and kill them before they can incubate and cause an outbreak.

It must be noted that vaccines or the immune system of humans cannot really stop the transmission of the virus or one contracting the virus. What vaccine or immunity does is it prevents the incubation. So even if you are contracting the virus, it will not be able to cause an infection. The virus will not be able to multiply as it would if there is an incubation process and outbreak. Hence, the virus will die over time.

Natural Treatment for Herpes Simplex 2

The first step should be preventive, to not contract the virus. This can be achieved by having protected sex, by not having sex with people whom one doesn’t know for a long time as that would make the symptoms of herpes obvious and to maintain impeccable hygiene.

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Avoiding nonsexual contact is not always possible so staying off all kinds of physical contact with people who seem sick is advisable. Some symptoms of herpes simplex 2 infection may look like other ailments.

Common cold or flu and other not so harmful medical conditions can cause symptoms similar to those associated with herpes. Spotting these symptoms should be the red flag to avoid contact. While handshakes usually don’t spread the herpes simplex 2, a simple peck on the cheek or hugging for a while with skin to skin contact, at the neck or around the facial region, can cause the spread of herpes simplex viruses. The fact that herpes simplex 2 virus causes genital herpes doesn’t necessarily mean the virus only lives in the genital area.

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There is no traditional medicine that can cure genital herpes. Creams cannot eliminate herpes simplex 2 virus. You must resort to natural remedies, which may or may not work. Alternatively, you should opt for a proven cure that has worked for others. Herpes Cure Secrets is a proven remedy and can eliminate herpes simplex 2 virus.

The first steps are however prevention and then limiting the outbreak of the infection. The first outbreak or the primary infection will cause relatively small blisters. The moment you spot the tiny blisters forming in the genital area, you should seek remedies. Do not let the outbreak fester and be beyond control. The blisters will eventually burst, turning the genital area red and one would have open sores. The blisters may spread to the thighs, buttocks and rectum too. Women will have blisters in the lower part of the womb. It is necessary to take measures before the outbreak gets severe and certainly before there is a remission of the infection owing to another incubation phase.

Herpes Cure Secrets takes a multipronged approach to strengthen the immune system. It involves detoxification, proper diet and sufficient nutrition, regulating the symptoms for immediate relief and a specific approach to kill the herpes simplex 2 virus so one doesn’t remain vulnerable to another incubation followed by another outbreak.

Detoxification is relatively simple but in light of the painful symptoms of herpes, the steps may be a little demanding. Since one experiences loss of appetite, there’s unbearable fatigue and a lack of interest to do even the slightest of chores, attending to a nutritious diet is also challenging. If these two fail and hygiene will also take a backseat, the strengthening the immune system would become near impossible. It is necessary for anyone trying Herpes Cure Secrets to remain committed and to put in the effort needed to alleviate the symptoms initially ensuring relief and then to get rid of herpes simplex 2 virus from the system. Only that will be an effective cure, relieving you of the possibility of having an outbreak again.

It must be noted that a cure is different than a treatment. A treatment (antibiotics- creams) takes away the symptoms. A cure takes away the virus.

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