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Herpes is one of the most common viral infections in the United States and several other countries around the world. The social stigma and longstanding prejudices associated with herpes makes the condition worse.

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People already suffering from the mild to serious symptoms of the infection are compelled to deal with secrecy and embarrassment. People don’t talk about herpes for such discussions often evoke a sense of shame forcibly instilled by those looking down upon the infected and ailing.

There’s nothing wrong with exercising your sexual freedom, but that doesn’t mean you should throw caution to the wind and become careless with your actions. These days, there are lots of different sexually transmitted conditions and infections that could take a serious toll on your overall health. Among the most common, and probably the most popular in modern media, is Herpes

Truth about Herpes

Let us highlight a few reality checks that will put herpes in the right context. Unless someone has a quaint genetic mutation, no one is immune to the virus that causes herpes. Even the most contagious and the most lethal viruses will find some people who don’t get infected or seriously affected. This has been true with all major viral outbreaks in the history of the world, including the recent Ebola. It must be noted that a virus that is easily contagious and hence infectious is not the most fatal. The only loophole in the movie Contagion was that such a lethal virus that can certainly kill a person in a few hours will not be so easily transmissible. The nonlethal viruses are easier to contract and spread.

Herpes can affect anyone, a child or the elderly, men and women, gays and transsexuals. One doesn’t have to be promiscuous and one doesn’t need to keep having sex with many people over a long or short period of time to be more vulnerable to herpes. People committed to a relationship, married couples and people who have sex with only one person may also contract the herpes virus.

About 80% of people have oral herpes, known as HSV-1, and it has been estimated that in the USA alone, 1 adult, aged 14-49 out of 5, carries genital herpes. Among those suffering from this condition, more than half don’t know that they have it.

Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease in the sense that a sexual act, be it oral or intercourse, can facilitate the contraction or spread of the virus. However, only sex is not the sole facilitator.

Kissing or physical contact with the infected person, especially the parts of the body where the outbreaks are, will also spread the herpes virus.

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When you understand the truth about herpes, you have no reason to feel ashamed or embarrassed about yourself. You should not suffer from low self esteem and you must not consider yourself socially isolation. Seclusion is important to limit the spread of the virus but it is not as if you would be abandoned by society or your immediate friends. The initial thought of those who are affected by herpes for the first time, especially those in their adolescence or young adult days, often tend to hover over the social stigma, guilt and sense of shame.

Living with Herpes Simplex?

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night with the sensation of pain shooting up your body. This is just one of the many different struggles that herpes infected individuals have to deal with. Herpes, while it’s not life threatening, can sap your satisfaction with everyday life and most probably will lead you down a road of decreased self-confidence and even depression. Herpes simplex often makes people feel insecure and embarrassed, and has been noted to reduce people’s productivity because of the constant thinking and endless worry.

Of course, a doctor might prescribe sleeping pills and anti-anxiety medication to help cope with the effects of herpes, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods. While these medications might give you temporary relief, the long term effects they cause on your body could put you in a bad way later on in the future.Herpes Type 1 Virus and Cure

Modern Medicine and Herpes Simplex

Aside from the fact that many are reluctant to seek medical attention for their herpes for fear of being judged, a lot still aren’t aware that a cure of herpes simplex is in existence. People get infected by viruses every day, and herpes is just one of the many different forms it can take. There’s no need to feel ashamed of herpes and it’s definitely not practical to suffer through the symptoms. Luckily, there are different things available to us today that help cure herpes.

The first thing that many think of when confronted with the question “how to cure herpes?” is medication. Modern medicine has come up with countless kinds of medication that aim to keep the symptoms of herpes at bay, but that doesn’t mean they can make the condition go away for good. What’s more, these medications are likely to cause different secondary symptoms that could take a significant toll on your over all well-being. No one wants to suffer extra symptoms on top of herpes simplex, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of options.

Is There A Cure for Herpes?

You will come across two extreme perspectives on herpes cure. One extreme perspective is that there is no herpes cure. The other extreme are the apparently surefire promises of medicines. Let us find out the truth about herpes cure.

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There are two types of herpes: cold sores and genital herpes. Herpes type 1 or cold sores is caused by herpes simplex virus 1. Herpes type 2 or genital herpes is caused by herpes simplex virus 2. Both are viral infections. Cold sores primarily affect the mouth and facial region including the neck and shoulders.

Genital herpes affects the genital area and the sores or blisters can spread to the thighs, hips and buttocks. When the causal virus incubates and causes an outbreak, the most common questions that pop up in one’s head are which antibiotics can be used for herpes cure, which medicines can cure herpes and which creams can offer some relief.

Which antibiotics can I use for herpes cure?
If you were to see a doctor, you would be recommended Acyclovir oral, Valtrex oral, Valacyclovir oral, Zovirax oral, Zovirax topical, Xerese topical, Acyclovir Sodium intravenous, Acyclovir topical and Acyclovir-Hydrocortisone topical among others.

Which medicines can I use for herpes cure?
Most medicines that doctors will recommend are essentially antibiotics. Acyclovir, which is an acyclic guanosine analog, aims to stop the incubation and replication of the viruses. Despite antibiotics being by nature ineffective in viral infections and we shall discuss this at length in a while, the fact that Acyclovir needs to be taken in a day or at the most two days from contracting the virus makes this medicine futile. It is quite possible there will be no symptoms in the first twenty four or forty eight hours and the incubation followed by replication of the virus will almost certainly happen in that time. Taking the medicine anytime later will be futile and ineffective.

Valacyclovir is one of the newer antiviral medicines being recommended by doctors. While its bioavailability is greater than acyclovir and hence it is easier to absorb, the primary problem of administering at the right time remains. Famciclovir will have some impact on the symptoms but doesn’t address the cause and the relief is very mild despite being administered in very high doses. Taking this medicine once or twice in a day will have no effect. Taking antibiotics thrice or more in a day is outright unhealthy and has a plethora of side effects.

Which creams can I use for herpes cure?
Zovirax topical, Xerese topical, Acyclovir topical and Acyclovir-Hydrocortisone topical are the creams doctors recommend. There are many creams classified in the alternative medicine category. There are prescribed creams and over the counter topical treatments. The only creams you can or should use are those with the backing of clinical studies or those that have actually worked for real people who have suffered from herpes, either type 1 or type 2 or both.

So, why Antibiotics and Random Creams are Ineffective?
Let us ask a simple question to ourselves first. What are antibiotics? Antibiotics are medicines that can target and kill bacteria. Antibiotics are antibacterial medicines that can cure bacterial infections. There is a plethora of bacterial infections that humans suffer from at various stages in life and most of them have relevant antibiotics. Almost all antibiotics have courses with specified doses and kill the causal bacteria in due course of time.

Medicines for Herpes Cure

Over the years, antibiotics have had an expansion of definition and people do refer to them as remedies for microbial infections or any ailment caused by microorganisms. Yet, antibiotics are not effective herpes cure. That is primarily because herpes simplex virus is not bacteria or any other microorganism. Any herpes cure needs to target the virus and at the same time alleviate the symptoms for optimum relief. Without any bacteria playing any role in cold sores or genital herpes, it is without reason that one would expect antibiotics to work. The same applies to antibiotic creams. The herpes virus doesn’t live on the skin or at the tip of the blisters that the antibiotic creams would easily target. It is a different matter that antibiotic creams cannot target the virus in the first place.

Then there are side effects of antibiotics and the antibiotic creams. Antibiotics interfere with the normal immunity of a person, digestive and gastrointestinal health, the production of antibodies that the human body does naturally, existing medical conditions and medications. Creams may not offer any relief and can actually make the blisters worse. Some topical solutions can cause scars, delay the healing and can cause skin infections.

Understanding Herpes
Herpes is a viral infection caused by herpes simplex viruses 1 and 2, respectively leading to cold sores or herpes type 1 and genital herpes or herpes type 2. Both herpes 1 and herpes 2 are chronic conditions. They are a long term ailment and would get worse with time. It is almost impossible to get rid of the last trace of the virus from the body, even after you get healed. It is just that the body develops immunity towards the outbreak of the virus, thus averting incubation and replication.

The virus can live in the human body after the first outbreak for years and decades but without causing any further outbreak. The virus will shed its dormancy and become active again, undergo incubation and cause an outbreak only when there is a fresh trigger or contraction of the virus and if the immunity of the person fails to prevent the incubation.

The virus can last a lifetime in the human body causing outbreaks frequently or infrequently and the infected person will never be at complete peace in this regard. Since most people target the symptoms of herpes and not really the virus, outbreaks are contained and temporary relief is the obvious gain. Once the outbreak is regulated or limited and there is some transient or interim relief, one forgets about the virus. The objective must be to kill the virus and to eliminate all its strains from the body. Only that will ensure you have no further outbreaks or incubations and thus infections in the future. That should be the purpose of any herpes cure.

Explore the Types of Herpes
Herpes simplex virus 1 causes herpes type 1 or cold sores, also known as orofacial herpes. This infection affects the mouth and the skin. There will be blistering sores in the mouth and in different parts of the body, usually restricted to around the face, neck and in some cases shoulders and arms. Most people will experience flu like symptoms as well, from swollen lymph nodes to fever, headaches to exhaustion. Lethargy, sleep disorder and lack of concentration or being distracted are common side effects. Herpes type 1 or cold sores can be very painful. The symptoms can disrupt a normal lifestyle.

Herpes Type 2 and Cure

Herpes simplex virus 2 causes herpes type 2 or genital herpes. This infection causes sores in the genital area of men and women. The sores may also appear in the mouth, especially if someone has performed oral sex with an infected person. Even if the sores are caused in the mouth, it would not be orofacial herpes if the causing virus is herpes simplex virus 2. While it is not very common, a person can get infected by both the viruses at the same time. It is possible to have been infected by the same person who was carrying both the contagions. Genital herpes is very uncomfortable, painful and it can completely ruin your sex life. The itching and stinging sensations along with blistering sores will be unbearable if the infection is severe.

Natural Herpes Cure that Works

Baking soda is a promising herpes cure. It doesn’t work for everyone but it has no side effects so is worth a try. All you need is a cotton ball and some baking soda. Dip the balls in the baking soda and you can apply them to the itching areas, at or on the sores and also on the blisters. You would have dryer sores, they will reduce in their size and the itching along with the pain will subside to an extent. You may also use cornstarch as an alternative to baking soda. Don’t use both at the same time.

Some topical remedies, not antibiotic creams, are effective. Go for an Epsom salt bath. The best way to use Epsom salt is in a bathtub. You can mix some Epsom salt in a bucket and then have a brief shower but giving it time is essential. You should ideally fill up the bathtub to its half with lukewarm water. You should add around a quarter cup of Epsom salt to a half filled standard bathtub. Let the salt dissolve in the water. You can use your arms to stir the water to assist the dissolving process. Once you cannot see the salt accumulated anywhere in the tub, hence indicating the salt has dissolved, you should get in and relax for around twenty minutes. This will reduce the blisters, ease the irritation and you would also get completely healed sooner than later.

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You can also use Echinacea tree extract in a drink, preferably juice or tea, to reduce or contain the outbreaks. There are many other herbal remedies but these are the safer options. In addition to these remedies, you should always be hygienic, stay away from contact with others regardless of whether they are infected or not and you should also opt for nutritious meals. Better yet, try to prevent the contraction of the herpes virus. Prevention of herpes is always better than herpes cure.

With millions of people affected by this virus and looking for the elusive herpes cure while ruing the plethora of side effects of antibiotics, medicines and/or creams, “Herpes Cure Secrets” brings forth some effective natural remedies that would work for any and sundry.

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