New “Herpes Cure Secrets” – A Scam Or Worth The Money?

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Herpes Cure Secrets Review

According to the most recently compiled data available, more than forty million Americans have genital herpes and well over a hundred million adults have oral herpes. Most people get infected in their teens through adolescence and young adulthood. The herpes simplex virus remains in the body for a lifetime, unless it is neutralized or goes dormant forever.

Herpes simplex virus type one and type two, respectively causing oral herpes or cold sores and genital herpes (vaginal herpes or penial herpes), have the tendency to undergo periods of incubation, leading to the viruses being active and thereby causing an outbreak, followed by periods of dormancy when the symptoms subside. Presently, there is no cure for herpes within the realm of traditional medicine. There is no vaccine for herpes simplex virus type one or type two.

HSV Eraser: A Cure for Herpes?

HSV Eraser or New Herpes Eraser is being presented as a natural cure for herpes. The natural remedy is introduced by Dr. Christine Buehler, M.D. A team of researchers lead by Dr. Ken Languin and assisted by Dr. Christine Buehler worked on university based clinical trials to come up with a completely natural remedy for herpes.

HSV Eraser is not a symptom suppressant. The objective is not just to alleviate the symptoms and facilitate the healing of the sores, blisters or rashes. The aim is to cure the sexually transmitted infection by neutralizing the herpes simplex viruses in the body.

What is HSV Eraser?

New Herpes Eraser is a natural cure for herpes. It is a course of treatment spanning three weeks. The entire program is split into two phases. The first phase lasts ten to eleven days. The second phase lasts for the remaining ten or eleven days, accounting for up to twenty one days from the onset of the treatment. The two phases have distinct objectives but both involve vitamins supplementation and natural homemade remedies. The first phase is aimed at identifying the herpes virus in the human body. The virus cloaks itself by binding onto a protein that enables it to conceal itself so the immune system is unable to find or identify it. This is primarily why the immune system cannot neutralize the herpes virus.

ICP47, also referred to as (ICP)47 or Infected Cell Protein 47, clings to the herpes virus in the body. The nerve cells are then undetected and hence the virus thrives, undergoes incubation, becomes dormant again only to be active in the future causing another outbreak. The first phase of New Herpes Eraser program breaks this Infected Cell Protein 47. The herpes virus is then visible and the immune system can identify it. The second phase triggers the immune system to neutralize the herpes virus. The same two phases are required for both herpes simplex virus one and herpes simplex virus two.

The first ten days or so will cause the breakdown of the protein cloaking the virus. The next ten to eleven days will kill and get rid of the viruses from the body. By the end of the twenty first day, not only will the symptoms subside and one will be healed of herpes but there will be no traces of the virus left in the body. Hence, a patient gets cured of herpes. Tests will prove the virus or viruses are no longer in the system.

HSV Eraser is a digital product. There is no physical goods being sold and hence there is nothing to be shipped. The entire interaction of the patient with the program is online. There is a dedicated section on the official website for patients. All correspondences are digital. The natural protocol as explained by New Herpes Eraser is quite simple and every necessary supplement or other ingredients required for the homemade remedies are available in local grocery stores. Some of the supplements or ingredients may not be that common when patients first learn about them but those are available at grocery stores and pharmacies around the country.

New “Herpes Cure Secrets” does not prescribe any drugs. There is no medication as such but vitamins and natural ingredients for remedies patients can make at home. The entire natural protocol is easy to follow. It does not cost much either. Thousands of women and men have already tried the New Herpes Cure Secrets program. You can sign up for the protocol on the official website here

Cost of HSV Eraser

New Herpes Eraser is now available worldwide for a onetime cost of $47. There is no recurring cost to be paid to the company, author or the team of researchers. There is an additional cost of buying the vitamins and other natural ingredients. The first phase of the program requires around fifty dollars or so. The second phase also has a similar expense. Patients will be paying ONLY $47 to the developers of the New Herpes Eraser protocol and no additional $ for drugs, vitamins or supplements.

There is a refund policy valid for sixty days. There is a full refund of $47 available to those who are for some reason dissatisfied with the protocol. The sixty days are well beyond the three weeks that the two phases of the program take to bring about the desired changes and to effectively cure herpes. Hence, anyone who is unhappy with the outcome or not content with the developments can always seek a refund. As per the stated obligatory commitment of Dr. Christine Buehler, a full refund is issued without any questions being asked. You can pay the $47 using any of the major credit cards or debit cards. You will get a direct refund if requested.

HSV Eraser vs. Traditional Medicines

There is no magic pill that can cure herpes overnight. There are many traditional medicines, including prescription drugs and over the counter creams, lotions, gels and other topical products. Traditional medicines or prescription drugs such as Valtrex cost hundreds of dollars. They are antiviral meds but they do not aim to kill the herpes virus. They only prevent the rampant replication of the virus and hence its growth in the body. This does help to an extent to mitigate the severity of the symptoms. The incubation period may be truncated. The severity of the symptoms may be contained. However, the symptoms will recur when the virus undergoes another round of incubation and causes an outbreak. The herpes simplex viruses can live in the body for a lifetime.

New Herpes Eraser

There is no vaccine for herpes simplex viruses yet. Many are working on promising candidates but none have been approved to be even described as a vaccine. Most potential vaccines have failed to be effective in the recent past. The quest for vaccines for herpes has been disappointing for over half a century now. Just this year, over half a dozen promising vaccines has been eventually inferred to be ineffective at preventing the sexually transmitted infection. The developers have abandoned exploring these vaccines. One can still hope there will be a vaccine sometime in the near future but till then one has to explore ways to cure herpes and clearly traditional medicines, be it oral pills or topical solutions, are not an effective remedy.

New “Herpes Cure Secrets” Program: Does it Work?

HSV Eraser eBook is comprehensive. It sheds light on how the virus works and infects the body, stays hidden from the immune system and manages to thrive. Never before has any guide on herpes gone on to such a great length to actually explain what is happening inside the body. The natural protocol as presented by Dr. Christine Buehler is partly based on the Five Biological Laws of Nature discovered by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer.

The five biological laws explore the correlation of humans and microbes. For billions of years, microbes were the only living organisms on the planet. They are a quintessential component of all forms of life. Microbes are present in all plants and animals. New medicine is slowly exploring the microbiome aspect of health. More doctors are now relying on microbiome tests to identify pathologies of various diseases. There is a much more organic correlation between the body and the mind, the good microbes and the bad microbes.

HSV Eraser ventures into an uncharted territory to disclose facts that many scientists and doctors have known all along but somehow the pharmaceutical industry has not shared with the public. Facts such as an infected cell protein cloaking the virus have been known for years. They are widely available in many research papers and journals, most of which are easily accessible online and some are downloadable.

New Herpes Eraser takes a completely natural route with the clear objective of curing herpes. It helps people to be completely cleansed of the virus. It averts the risk of women transferring the virus to a fetus or a newborn, which can cause fatal neonatal herpes. HSV Eraser answers the question of whether or not patients will have an outbreak again, which is otherwise a matter of when and not if.


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