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Choose an Effective Herpes Cure in 2018

Herpes is a chronic viral infection. Left untreated, the infection may persist in perpetuity with the severity of the symptoms varying over time. In many cases the infection subsides and one feels relieved but the viral outbreak happens again and the infection recurs with the same or greater severity. Herpes has been stigmatized over the decades and although people are much more aware and sensitive today, still there is an element of shame and embarrassment for a patient to deal with, often without anyone to share the painful emotions. Many patients don’t even talk about it with their partner. With two to three of every four adults having orofacial herpes and one of every six adults having genital herpes in the country, it is not only necessary to talk about the infection but also to choose an effective herpes cure in 2018.

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Herpes is a Chronic Infection

Had herpes been a onetime transient infection and had it been naturally remedied, it wouldn’t have been an acute concern. The painful discomfort, phases of unbearable itching and the unsightly sores could have been dealt with for a short span of time. Every serious health ailment is painful. The trouble with herpes is its chronic nature. Let us quickly discuss why herpes is a chronic infection.

Herpes is caused by the herpes simplex virus. There are two viruses that cause the two types of herpes. Herpes simplex virus 1 causes orofacial herpes, characterized by the sores in the mouth, face, neck and often other parts of the body above the waist. Herpes simplex virus 2 causes genital herpes, characterized by sores in and around the genital area.

Both viruses can infect men and women. There is no irrefutable evidence that shows men or women to be more vulnerable or better at coping with the symptoms. Both genders as well as the third and fourth genders are equally vulnerable to herpes and will have to deal with the same symptoms.

Herpes has a cyclical nature. A person gets infected with the virus and may immediately have the symptoms or there may not be any signs of infection. This is primarily because of the delay of the viral outbreak. A virus doesn’t always infect a host immediately. Viruses undergo periods of dormancy and activity. Their active phase usually follows an incubation period of anywhere from two to twelve days. The outbreak happens at the end of the incubation period. The infection will vary in severity and may last for a short or long period of time. The incubation period can be shorter or longer, the infection can be mild or severe, it may last a few days or weeks depending on the extent to which a person has contracted a virus, the strength of his or her immune system, overall health, personal hygiene and lifestyle choices.

It should be noted that herpes viruses can infect anyone, even those who are the strongest and healthiest with impeccable hygiene. It is not necessary for someone to have regular sex with multiple partners to have herpes. In fact, many teenagers and young adults contract herpes the first time they have sex.

Regardless of the remedy you try or the treatment you have been recommended by a doctor, the herpes infection will subside over time. Many people have to deal with the sores and associated discomfort for months before experiencing any substantial relief. Some are lucky to have the symptoms subside in weeks. There are cases where the sores almost vanish in a few weeks. However, none of these developments are everlasting. The subsiding of symptoms is not an indication of the body getting rid of the virus. It simply means the virus is no longer active in the host. When the virus undergoes an incubation period again and multiplies, there will be another infection.

The infection will subside again and it may or may not leave behind any traces. The virus will undergo a period of dormancy and become active again. Unless and until the virus is got rid of from the host, in this case humans, the cycle of herpes infection or outbreak and transient relief will keep repeating itself. Some people have frequent outbreaks every year while some experience them once in a few years.

It is easy to imagine why herpes becomes an unbearable problem. For an infection so severe and stigmatizing to occur and recur without any element of control for the host is limiting in many ways. A person may never have the confidence to resume having sex, let aside a sexually active lifestyle. A person will have low self esteem and may suffer from clinical depression. It should be noted that clinical depression is a serious condition. It is not a temporary or transient phase of sadness. It is a psychological disorder that can have dire consequences if left unchecked and unaddressed.

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Why is Herpes so Widespread?

The herpes viruses spread through physical and sexual contact. Oral sex spreads the herpes simplex virus 1. Sexual intercourse spreads the herpes simplex virus 2. There are cases when extensive physical contact has caused herpes. The virus is not transmitted genetically. It is neither waterborne nor airborne. However, sharing objects that get in direct contact with the parts of the body where the virus has found its haven will put anyone at risk of contracting the virus. Whether or not such contraction leads to a viral outbreak or infection is another matter. This is why sharing clothes, personal hygiene products or other items that will come in direct contact with the sores of an infected person is to be avoided.

Herpes is widespread for two reasons. The virus is efficient at latching onto a new host and hence it spreads quite easily. Herpes is not a fatal condition. The virus is potent but it doesn’t have the ability to affect vital organs or life functions. Such viruses are easy to contract and spread. Viruses that are more potent and fatal don’t get spread that easily. The second reason why herpes is widespread is the lack of awareness.

Most teenagers and adults are aware of herpes but those infected may not always know they are the host and thereon the transmitter of the virus. When the virus is in a dormant stage, it is almost impossible to know that a person has herpes. There may not be any signs of sores or any physical discomfort. Neither the person nor the sexual partner realizes that there is a chance of contracting herpes.

In some cases, people do not disclose that they have herpes or that they had an infection recently. As mentioned earlier, the herpes virus doesn’t leave its host even if the infection has subsided. The virus continues to live on in a dormant phase and hence can latch onto a new host. It is true that the chances of transmitting the herpes simplex viruses are the greatest when there is an outbreak or when the virus is undergoing the incubation period but it can also be shared during the dormant phase which will lead to a new incubation period in the new host.

The new host may not realize she or he has contracted the herpes virus until there is an outbreak. It is too late by then to do anything but to respond. There is no proactive measure. The only proactive measure is to prevent the spread of herpes viruses. The only way a person can know if she or he has the virus is through a blood test. The number of people proactively undergoing a blood test for herpes in the country is negligible.

Traditional Medicine vs. Herpes Cure 2018

Diagnosing herpes once there is an outbreak is easy. One can self diagnose. There is no need for a blood test but doctors may recommend one if there is a chance of the sores being caused by something else. Not everyone can clearly identify sores caused by genital herpes or orofacial herpes and those caused by other infections.

Herpes Cure 2018

Doctors will usually recommend antibiotics, creams and other medications to contain the symptoms. The objective is to provide relief and not to kill the virus. There is no vaccine available at the time so one cannot be immunized against the virus. There is no traditional medicine that can get rid of the virus from the host body.

The only respite pills or capsules, creams or ointments can provide is transient relief from the pain and discomfort. One has to keep taking the medicines and applying the creams till the symptoms subside. It must be noted that the symptoms do not subside due to the medicines prescribed by doctors. This happens naturally because the viral outbreak goes through its natural cycle when it has the potency to infect the host or when the immune system manages to win the battle against the virus.

As long as the outbreak or infection persists, one would have to keep taking the pills or capsules and applying the creams or ointments. Most medicines prescribed for herpes are antibacterial in nature. They don’t really work against viruses. The creams and ointments are primarily meant to keep the infected area dry and cool because presence of moisture and warmth will lead to a more severe outbreak. Viruses thrive in warm and moist areas. Unsurprisingly, both mouth and genital area are naturally warm and tend to be less dry or moister than other parts of the body.

Almost every traditional medicine has side effects. From flaky skin to effects on sleep, appetite and hormonal imbalance, the host of side effects makes it unwise to try every random medicine that a doctor prescribes. Refilling the prescriptions and spending money for weeks and months becomes all the more unacceptable when one considers the fact that these medicines or ointments don’t really cure herpes. Most people keep treating herpes without really curing it.

Stop Treating Herpes – There’s A Herpes Cure for That in 2018

It is necessary to choose an effective herpes cure in 2018 instead of trying futile medicines. There are three factors that will help in the curing of herpes. The first factor is host body should be unfavorable for the virus, more specifically the incubation period and hence the viral outbreak. This can be achieved by ensuring the targeted areas to be completely dry or devoid of moisture, the parts of the body must be cooler than usual, personal hygiene must be impeccable and there should be an unfavorable environment created for the virus. For instance, if there is a microbe that doesn’t thrive in a salty or acidic environment then the obvious remedy for that microbe is salt or acid respectively.

There are natural remedies that can prevent the infected part of the host body to become unfavorable for the herpes virus to incubate, grow and multiply. The virus may not be immediately eliminated from the body but the severity of the infection would be contained. 

The second factor is refraining from having sex or getting into physical and sexual contact with anyone who may or may not have herpes. You wouldn’t want to spread the virus and you certainly don’t want to get contract more of the same virus from another infected person. The third factor is the immune system. It is the host’s immunity that will eventually eliminate the virus. There are many cases where a person has been affected by herpes only once in their lifetime. It is possible the virus has not undergone any further incubation after the first and the only outbreak. It is also possible the virus has been eliminated from the host body by the immune system. Natural immunization is always the best remedy for nonfatal ailments. However, you need to look for a herpes cure in 2018 that will facilitate all the three factors that can eliminate the virus.

You can choose to use Echinacea plant extract. It will help contain the symptoms of herpes and it will strengthen your immune system. Ointments containing propolis can heal the sores. Using tea bags for comfort in the areas worst affected by the infection or sores is recommended. Aloe vera has also been proved to be effective at providing relief. These natural remedies don’t have any side effects. In addition to securing relief from the symptoms, it is necessary you opt for an effective natural herpes cure in 2018 explained in Herpes Cure Secrets 2018Herpes Cure 2018Note: This Page was last updated on Wednesday 21st of February 2018

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