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There are many diseases which many people are afraid of getting infected with especially if they are epidemic or seasonal. People tend to be cautious of them, so they do everything to get rid of them. Unfortunately, not all of us can escape a disease outbreak. In fact, even those people who are very healthy are not free when virus starts spreading and attacking a host.

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On the other hand, there are some diseases that can be avoided, controlled, and managed. They only spread because of negligence. However, most of them come unnoticed. You will only know you are already infected when the symptoms and complications are already present. One these diseases is genital herpes.

What Is Genital Herpes and How to Cure it Fast?

Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease that infect both men and women. This happens when an infected person has a sexual intercourse with another person. After a sexual intercourse, it stays dormant in the body for a few days, weeks, or months. Afterward, its symptoms and complications start showing.Genital Herpes Cure

The reason why many people find it hard to avoid this disease is that even those who are already infected with it may not be able to know they are already suffering from it. They can infect others even if the symptoms and complications are not yet showing. This is why many people get surprised when they become positive of genital herpes.

Genital herpes also known as herpes simplex virus or HSV loves and survives only on the body especially on the skin. Once you have it, it is permanent. This means it will stay in your body forever. It will recur over and over again in the future.

Nobody knows when it will recur and how long every episode will last. Usually, the recurrence last for 10 days. After such period, it will hibernate for a long time, and will recur again some time in the future perhaps after several months or after a few years.

Since genital herpes is sexually transmitted, anyone can have it any time of the year. In other words, it is not seasonal. On the contrary, those who already suffer from it may experience its recurrence during summer as HSV easily regenerates, grows, and spreads at high temperature. Therefore, people with genital herpes should watch out during warm season.

Symptoms of Genital Herpes

In some diseases, symptoms appear as early warning signs. In genital herpes, symptoms appear when the condition is already severe. There are also times that you can not see any symptom at all.Cure for Herpes Genitalis

Nevertheless, common symptoms of genital herpes are pain, itchiness, red bumps, sores, white blisters, and ulcers. All these take place one after another.

In the early stage, you will notice itchiness on your genitals. At first, the itchiness is tolerable. As time goes by, you can’t help scratching the itchy areas on your genitals.

After awhile, you will notice some red bumps along with white blisters. Then, these red bumps and blisters start growing and spreading very quickly. Because of this, you will start feeling the pain as the blisters start erupting until they become sores.

The sores become more and more itchy and painful. And when you look at them, they are pretty ugly disgusting. Sometimes, they are bleeding especially if you can’t stop scratching them. As a result, the sores develop infections leading to skin ulcer. In the last stage, the ulcers will heal and will start producing scabs.

If you go through the above condition, you are most probably suffering from genital herpes. During this period of outbreak, you will experience mild fever. In your groin, you will also notice some swollen lymph nodes. Alongside, you may also experience headache and fatigue. In severe cases, you will find it difficult to urinate.

All the above conditions are severe during the first outbreak or episode. When it recurs in the future, the symptoms are mild and sporadic. There may be times not all such symptoms happen at the same time during its episode.

Causes of Genital Herpes

Genital herpes are contagious. However, it is not like other airborne diseases that spread through exposure with contaminated air. It is also not like any bacterial infection that can be transmitted through diet or poor hygiene. Genital herpes is primarily transmitted through body contact especially through sexual intercourse with infected person.Genital Herpes Cure Options

Herpes simplex virus does not survive in areas away from the skin. It is not environment, so it does not live in any surface the way other bacteria and viruses contaminate a particular object. Therefore, there is less probability of acquiring genital herpes by simple exposure with objects even if such objects are being used by people with genital herpes.

However, this doesn’t mean you wouldn’t mind using the personal belongings of those with genital herpes. In some restaurants where many people eat, you wouldn’t know of the last person who touch the spoon you will be using has already been touched by an infected person who happens to have just scratched the infected skin. There is a probability of transmitting the virus through it as it still alive. It dies outside the skin after a while, but not so soon.

On the other hand, shaking hands with infected person can also infect you. This is because the sores on genitals do not only stay on genital areas. They can spread all over the body through hands. If you have genital herpes and you scratch or touch your genitals, there is a probability that you hands are already carrying some of the virus. When you touch other areas of your body like your face or your mouth, it is not impossible to see sores growing and spreading on such areas as well.

Therefore, any other type of body contact aside from sexual intercourse may also cause genital herpes. In fact, shaking hands with infected people will make you more vulnerable than touching the faucet they have just used. Nevertheless, a simple hand sanitizer can remove the virus immediately depending on the severity of the condition of the infected person.

Risk Factors

Although anyone can become a victim of genital herpes, the most common victims are women. This means that women are likely get infected by men than men by women. There are some men who can have sexual intercourse with infected women without getting infected.

Nonetheless, people with multiple partners regardless of gender may also bu susceptible to genital herpes.

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Complications of Genital Herpes

People with genital herpes are likely to develop other complications. For mothers with genital herpes, there is a high probability that their newborn babies may suffer from brain damage, deformities, and sometimes death.Cure Your Genital Herpes

Since genital herpes also affects the way you urinate, there is a chance you can develop bladder problems. The inflammation around the tube caused by herpes makes the bladder deliver the urine to urethra which may lead to urethral swelling.

Kidney problems may also arise as a result of hard urinating. Because it is painful to release the urine all at once, the rest of the amount of urine that contains toxins may be reabsorbed by the kidney. This is augmented if the recurrence of genital herpes tales place during warm season.

Diagnosis and Tests

Genital herpes is difficult to recognize. Most of the time, it doesn’t show any symptom. On top of that, there is no way you will know you are already infected unless you suspect that a person you have just had body contact has genital herpes.

There are also times the first outbreak does not happen immediately after transmission. But if you suspect that you suffer from genital herpes, you can visit a doctor to diagnose it.

Your doctor will conduct some physical checkup to see whether some blisters start building up. If there is still no physical sign, the doctor will have you undergo some tests. The first test which your doctor will probably request is blood test. Through blood test, the doctor will analyze whether or not there is a presence of HSV antibodies in your blood. If not, the doctor may also request other tests such as PCR or DNA test.

Natural Genital Herpes Cure

Genital Herpes Treatment and Medicines

Most doctors will tell you that “there is no treatment for genital herpes”. They will prescribe some medicines, but these medicines are only intended to reduce the severity of the symptoms and to accelerate healing of the sores and ulcers.

The common medicines prescribed by doctors to treat genital herpes are acyclovir, famciclovir, and valacyclovir. These medicines do not eliminate genital herpes. Instead, they are taken to treat the sores and itchiness. In fact, acyclovir is formulated to treat chickenpox and cold sores, but doctors also recommend it for genital herpes patients.

Alternative Treatment for Genital Herpes

Since the mainstream medicine expressed that there is no cure for genital herpes and insists that it is already permanent in the body, may people resort to alternative medicines.

The good news is that some people give their testimonials how their genital herpes is treated and removed naturally.

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