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Natural Cure for Oral and Genital Herpes

Herpes is a dreaded disease. It should be as there is no cure for herpes in the realm of traditional medicine. However, the social and cultural stigma associated with herpes is unwarranted and outright irrational. At the very outset, let us consider some statistics to establish why herpes should not be frowned upon, why there is no reason to feel ashamed or embarrassed and why you should take a completely pragmatic view of the condition to seek out an appropriate cure for herpes.

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Hard Facts about Herpes

According to the American Sexual Health Association, at least one in every two sexually active people will contract a sexually transmitted infection by the age of twenty five. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, around twenty million people contract a sexually transmitted infection every year. Around half of these are young people in the age group of fifteen to twenty four.

Clearly, sexually transmitted infection is extremely common. Something as common should not be deemed to be a taboo in any way. If anything, herpes and other sexually transmitted infections must be discussed more often, freely and in the public domain instead of shrouding the premise or stigmatizing the infected.

The American Sexual Health Association says that more than one out of every eight sexually active people will be infected by herpes simplex virus causing genital herpes at least once in their life. One in every two people aged fourteen to forty nine will contract herpes simplex virus type one that causes cold sores, also known as oral herpes, orofacial herpes and herpes labialis. Let us consider some global statistics now.

According to the World Health Organization, two thirds of the global population aged fifty or younger will contract herpes, either type one or type two or both. That accounts for more than four billion people in the world. In the Americas, nearly two hundred million women and a hundred and fifty million men get infected by herpes. In Africa, more than three hundred and fifty million women and an even greater number of men contract herpes.

Nearly two hundred million women and more than two hundred million men in Eastern Mediterranean, over two hundred million women and just short of two hundred million men in Europe, nearly half a billion women and over half a billion men in Southeast Asia and similar numbers of women and men in Western Pacific contract herpes.

These are prevalence of herpes infections. Every year, more than ten million new infections are reported in the Americas, over thirty five million in Africa, nearly fifteen million in Eastern Mediterranean, over ten million in Europe, nearly thirty million in Southeast Asia and almost twenty five million in Western Pacific.


Herpes is not just an STI

Herpes along with some other sexually transmitted infections can cause infertility. Herpes is not fatal but it can be in infants or newborns. Herpes can also become an extremely severe infection and a serious medical condition if a person is not optimally healthy. Recently, a week old baby died after contracting herpes from a kiss. The baby got infected when she was two days old. Her health deteriorated and she died in a week. You can read more about this unfortunate case here

Herpes does not require sexual contact to be transmitted. The herpes simplex viruses can spread through physical contact. They can also spread through sharing of items. The virus does not thrive on inorganic matter but it can live a while and if a particular item gets shared with someone not infected then the microorganism can cling on to the new host. Herpes in women during pregnancy or delivery can also affect newborns. There is a type of neonatal sepsis that is caused by herpes. The virus can be passed on to the newborn at the time of childbirth. Fortunately, alternatives to traditional medicine are offering some hope that such diseases are preventable or curable. You can read more about it here

Neonatal sepsis affects one newborn in three thousand childbirths. A wider estimate is that neonatal sepsis affects one newborn in twenty thousand childbirths. While the incidence may seem to be rare, it becomes alarming when you consider the fact that more than one hundred and thirty million babies are born every year. Newborns do not even have a well formed immune system and hence are much powerless against herpes. The same is true for people who have a weaker immune system. There are many who have immunodeficiency of some kind. Any prevailing chronic health condition and a serious physiological weakness will make a person more vulnerable to the herpes simplex viruses.

The infection will get worse. Hence, it is imperative to find an effective cure for herpes rather than waiting it out to have the symptoms subside on their own.

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Herpes: Causes and Symptoms

There are over a hundred different viruses in the herpes family. Only nine are found to be effective at causing an infection or disease in humans. Two of these nine are the most common contagions among humans. These are the first two types of herpes. Herpes simplex virus one causes oral herpes or cold sores. Herpes simplex virus two causes genital herpes. A person can get infected by one or both herpes simplex viruses at the same time. It is also possible to be infected with any of the other seven herpes simplex viruses, simultaneously or in an isolated case.

Herpes simplex viruses can be sexually transmitted. Sexual or intimate physical contact is not the only way the viruses can get transmitted but it is the surest way for an uninfected person to contract the virus when one gets close to someone infected. Casual physical contact, sharing apparel or accessories and personal items can lead to the transmission of herpes simplex viruses. Hence, the widespread belief that avoiding sex or not getting physically intimate protects one from getting herpes is wrong. It is definitely better to avoid intimate contact but it is simply safer to maintain physical distance and to stay away from all items that an infected person uses.

The symptoms of herpes are well known. From sores to blisters, irritability to pain, scarring of tissues to fatigue, sleeping troubles and strange reactions on the skin, the symptoms can vary and so can their severity. However, it should be noted that herpes may not be symptomatic in its earliest days. Herpes will have symptoms only after the virus has undergone incubation and there is an outbreak. A healthy person may not even know they have herpes till such time the virus undergoes incubation. One may carry on with everything in their daily life, not knowing they have a virus living on their body and waiting to incubate to cause an outbreak.

Is there a Cure for Herpes?

The answer is no if you wish to stay confined to antibiotics and creams or lotions. There is no antibiotic that can be truly considered to be a cure for herpes. Even doctors do not claim the antibiotics they prescribe to be a cure for herpes. They state that the medicine will only alleviate your pain and make life a little easier during the time you have the infection. Some topical solutions will provide a bit of transient relief and that is about it. The only way you can find an effective cure for herpes is if you explore alternatives.

Scientists are trying to develop vaccines against herpes simplex viruses. There has to be more than one vaccine unless a particular formula can neutralize different strains of the herpes simplex virus. Vaccine is the only preventive cure for herpes. Only vaccines can be effective against viruses. Antibiotics are meant to neutralize bacteria and not viruses. Topical solutions such as creams, lotions or gels are not exactly antiviral. They simply work on the skin at the dermal level and not target the virus or its outbreak.

You can use such remedies for some relief but you will waste your money if you expect them to cure the infection. None of the remedies in traditional medicine gets rid of herpes from your body. The virus will live on after its outbreak, undergo incubation again and then cause another outbreak. People can live with herpes simplex viruses in their body for an entire lifetime.

The only cure for herpes is natural remedies or alternatives that can actually neutralize the virus on your body and get rid of it for good. Natural remedies range from specific foods to herbal extracts. You must also avoid certain foods that worsen the flare-ups. You should adopt a lifestyle that is conducive to healing and also at cleansing your body of the virus. You should also ensure you do not contract the virus again. The immune system is unable to produce antibodies that can protect the body against herpes simplex viruses when one gets exposed again. Hence, prevention is better than cure for herpes. If prevention fails, then natural remedies are the only cure for herpes, till such time a vaccine is tested to be effective and subsequently approved for all.


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