Oral (Mouth) Herpes – Lip Herpes Symptoms and Cure

Oral Herpes – How to Get Rid of the Sores + Find a Cure

Herpes is very common. Typically when you hear herpes, you automatically think of the sexually transmitted infection. However, there’s another type of herpes that exists that can also cause the same type of symptoms; painful, itching and burning sores, only on the mouth or lips.

Oral Herpes, or Herpes Simplex 1 is the same type of virus that causes genital herpes, only it affects the mouth instead. Mouth herpes, while very common, is less likely to be diagnosed because the symptoms often occur during a cold or illness where one would expect it. When you see a sore on your genitals, this is something that sparks concern in most people. Because mouth sores are more common, some people write them off as a random occurrence and don’t draw the connection to it being lip herpes.

Oral (Mouth) Herpes

Not every cold sore indicates that you have mouth herpes. This is why people are less likely to head into their doctors office at the site of it. Instead, they ride out the storm and just wait for the symptoms to go away.

While this might seem like a fine way to deal with it, this doesn’t eliminate the real danger behind herpes- which is spreading it. You can’t take steps in preventing the virus from spreading if you don’t know that you have it in the first place.

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