Is Herpes Curable?

Is Herpes Curable in 2017?

Herpes is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases and currently in the United States approximately one in every six persons ages 14 to 49 have genital herpes. Is herpes curable is one of the most common questions these patients ask their doctors. Genital herpes can readily be spread through sexual contact. This includes oral, vaginal or anal sex with a person that has the disease. The fluid in the sores carries the virus and anyone that comes into contact with this fluid can potentially become infected.

Is Herpes Curable

Additionally, if you have sex with someone who has herpes, but doesn’t currently have an outbreak, you can also get herpes. Many ask about this and the answer is simply because the virus can still live on the skin or be released via the pores in the skin thus spreading the infection to other sex partners.

The next question asked is generally how to avoid getting herpes in the first place. The answer isn’t quite so simple. While latex condoms and the use of dental dams can help prevent them, they must be properly used during each and every sexual encounter. Further more, in spite of the latex protection, if the herpes outbreak isn’t covered by the latex, it can still spread.

Is Herpes Curable with Antibiotics?

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