Your Options With HPV Treatments

HPV Treatment For Low Risk Diagnosis

It’s a scary thing to “catch” any disease, but one that invades your private parts is particularly troubling. Just discussing the matter with anyone other than your personal physician is embarrassing and difficult. Don’t let that stop you from finding out more, however, because HPV can be dangerous.

What Is HPV Anyway?

Human papillomavirus, commonly referred to as HPV, is a virus that affects over 20 million men and women in the United States alone. Although often thought of as exclusively transmitted through intimate experiences, only 30 types of HPV are caught via this method of contact. With 70 other strains of the virus in existence, its impact reaches deep into nearly every demographic of the population. You can even get it when an open wound is exposed to the virus. Fortunately, not all types leave you with a serious diagnosis.hpv treatment

There are about a dozen low risk strains of this virus. They may cause abnormal characteristics or behavior to occur in cells. Frequently, these less threatening forms will result in growth of genital warts. Although considered harmless, most people find them very offensive and go to great lengths to find effective HPV treatments. In general, a topical ointment is prescribed which should remedy the situation within a few months. Otherwise, patients are simply observed for unusual or noteworthy changes.

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