Herpes Symptoms : Signs, Causes, Diagnosis and Prevention

Causes, Signs and Symptoms of Herpes & The Cure

Herpes is of two types: herpes type 1 and herpes type 2. Herpes type 1 is also known as cold sores. Herpes type 2 is known as genital herpes. Both are caused by herpes simplex viruses and hence are viral conditions or infections.

Herpes type 1 is so termed because the cause of the infection is herpes simplex virus 1. Herpes type 2 is so termed because the cause of the infection is herpes simplex virus 2.

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Causes of Herpes

The causes of the two types of herpes are the two strains of viruses. There is no other cause but there are many facilitators. The transmission or spread of the virus depends on actual physical contact. In most cases, it has to be sexual contact. However, nonsexual contact can also spread the herpes simplex viruses. It is not true that any specific gender is more vulnerable to herpes infections or that young adults and adolescents are more vulnerable. Anyone can contract the virus regardless of sexuality and age.Herpes Causes Signs Symptoms

The outbreak of the virus will depend on various factors and hence the severity of the infection will vary. This will also have an impact on the ability to heal naturally, the impact of treatments and thereon complete recovery. Remission of the virus, further outbreaks and reprise of the infection will also depend on many factors.

• Herpes is caused by viruses of the family known as herpesvirus and the exact virus type is called herpesviridae. The source is always someone who is infected already. He or she would pass on the virus to others with whom they share sexual or nonsexual contact. Kids can get infected by the virus and may not have an outbreak, which may be triggered later in adulthood. Hence, immediate sexual or nonsexual contact may not be the precise cause of herpes in young adults. An underlying dormant virus could undergo incubation and cause an outbreak.

Kids can get infected upon contact with their parents who are unaware of their own infection or that they have contracted the virus. Kids may also get infected by other kids who have contracted the virus but don’t have any signs or symptoms of herpes.

• Herpes viruses are not fatal which is why they are readily contagious. Fatal viruses don’t have the ability to replicate themselves as easily as nonfatal viruses. Nonfatal viruses are also more contagious than fatal viruses. Herpes viruses can spread when an infected person and an uninfected person use the same utensils or cutlery, soap or cosmetic products, scrubber and other items that get into direct physical contact with the skin or with genital area.

• Holding hands is not commonly considered a method or mode of transmission but kissing certainly is. Any type of oral sex can facilitate the transmission. Sexual intercourse is definitely one of the key facilitators of transmission of the virus. The likelihood of transmission of the virus and hence the cause of the infection in a person will depend on the exposure to the virus. How long a person is exposed to the infection in a person or a dormant virus depending on the duration of kissing, oral sex or sexual intercourse will influence the severity of the contraction and hence the viral infection.

History of viral infections and especially sexually transmitted diseases will also have an influence. Those who have had other infections and possibly herpes before will be more vulnerable. However, one who has had repeated outbreaks of herpes may have grown relatively immune so the infection may not be very severe. But this doesn’t imply the infection is weak or the viral outbreak is contained. It is the person who is relatively immune. Another person contracting the virus from him or her may not have the same immunity.

Signs and Symptoms of Herpes

• The most common signs or symptoms of herpes type 1 are sores. A person will experience itchiness in his or her mouth. The sores will develop into blisters as the infection turns severe. The sores will initially be confined to the mouth and perhaps around the mouth but then it would start to spread. Sores associated with herpes type 1 will spread to the facial skin, neck and other parts of the body over time. The signs and symptoms will not be visible or obvious immediately after contracting the virus.

The herpes simplex viruses, in case of cold sores and genital herpes, take time to incubate. Only when the virus has undergone a complete incubation will there be an outbreak. The signs and symptoms will gradually develop as the incubation is about to be complete and then the outbreak will bring about the obvious effects.

Herpes Simplex Virus Symptoms

• Other signs and symptoms of herpes are headaches, fever, swollen lymph nodes, fatigue, exhaustion and poor appetite. Sleep issues are common. One may turn insomniac for a few days. Sustained lethargy is unavoidable for most people. Irritation in the mouth, at times eyes and liquid discharges from the blisters are also common.

Genital herpes are also identified by sores or blisters but they are in the pubic area. The first sores will develop exactly in the genital area and then spread out, opening up and forming red blisters as they mature and burst. Blisters may spread to the rectum, thighs and buttocks. There could be ulcers in the cervices of women. Men or women may experience pain at the time of urinating. Women may have vaginal discharge. The other signs and symptoms such as fatigue and discomfort, inability to sleep, poor appetite and weakness are also common in genital herpes.

It must be noted that the symptoms may subside and then reappear, strongly or weakly depending on the severity of the infection, the incubation cycle and potential outbreaks waiting to happen. Usually, the first outbreak is the most severe. The symptoms may persist for weeks and months, just as they could take such times to develop in the first place. Subsequent signs or symptoms of herpes after the first outbreak and signaling repeated outbreaks would be less severe.

Cure for Herpes

Since herpes is a viral infection, there can only be a vaccine that will prevent the contraction and outbreak in the first place. Extensive research has been conducted over the years with limited and at times no success. There are drugs available today to contain the symptoms of herpes and to prevent the spread of the virus. However, they are not completely effective. Most have no impact whatsoever.

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Vaccines for Herpes

Over the years, potential vaccines such as HSV-2 ICP0‾ HSV-2 0ΔNLS, Admedus HSV-2 therapeutic vaccine, Gen-003, HSV-2 ΔgD-2 and HSV-2 trivalent vaccine among others have been tested. Some are still being tested. A few have shown signs of containing the outbreak but none have been proven to be effective at preventing herpes or completely curing the infection. The scientific community is testing many other vaccines including HerpV, GV2207, Vitaherpavac & Herpovax, Mymetics, NE-HSV2, Zostavax and Tomegavax among others.

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Natural Remedies for Herpes

Natural remedies have often been deemed better and more effective than antibiotics and topical creams. People around the world use baking soda, Epsom salt bath and Echinacea tree extract among many naturally available ingredients.

Effective Herpes Treatment that Works

Herpes Cure Secrets has been proven to be effective at curing the viral infections. It is a natural, safe and effective treatment. Herpes Secret is not a magical pill. It is a holistic approach to cure the infection and to cleanse the body to get rid of the virus.

The approach in Herpes Secret involves detoxifying your entire system to get rid of all the toxins from blood, liver, kidneys, intestines, the lymphatic system and the colon. You would also get rid of the heavy metal buildup in your body. The detoxification has an impact on your immunity which grows stronger by the day. A stronger immune system will not only protect itself from the virus but will contain the incubation and outbreak, thereby eliminating the virus from the body so you are immune to the virus.

Herpes Secrets focuses on nutrition. At a time when you experience loss of appetite, fatigue and weakness, eating right is the best way to go. The cure takes into consideration the likes and dislikes, what you can and cannot eat. You would be introduced to some foods that are completely natural and what would aid the healing or recovery process. At first it would be just the symptoms that will be alleviated. You would notice the symptoms becoming much more manageable and a significant increase in your level of comfort. With time you would be completely healed and fully recovered from the viral infection.

Herpes Cure Secrets is an effective treatment for everyone. It has no medicines or drugs, it is apt for kids and adults, men and women, those having a busy lifestyle and those who can afford to take some rest. The only way you can get some surefire relief and permanent respite from herpes is with this holistic approach that has already helped numerous people.

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