Can Herpes Be Cured? The Truth About Herpes

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Can Herpes Be Cured

Herpes can’t be cured with medicines. However, it can be cured with natural remedy. It may be possible to remove the severity and frequency of herpes symptoms dramatically. The best way to improve your health is to learn about the array of herpes treatments which are available and then try them out. These treatments include natural therapies and lab-created medications.Can Herpes Be Cured

Today, we’re going to share details about the treatments which are available. Our comprehensive guide is designed to offer you the answers that you need. While some trial and error may be needed before you come up with the right treatment plan, you’ll find that our guide gives you the advice that you want.

Try a mixture of lab-created medications and alternative therapies or go for a natural treatment plan which is gentle on your body. In our experience, it’s smarter to try natural therapies first. They can be extremely effective and they are holistic and non-toxic.

Learn about Lab-created Medications

Lab-created medications are prescribed by doctors in order to relieve symptoms of herpes and/or prevent outbreaks. However, they cannot cure this ailment. As well, they tend to trigger a lot of side effects, some of which may be quite serious. It’s these side effects which lead many herpes sufferers to explore alternative treatments, such as natural therapies and home remedies.

The most popular prescription medications for herpes are anti-viral medications, including Zovirax, Valtrex and Famvir. These medications are primarily utilized in order to treat outbreaks of genital herpes.

Some non-prescription medications may also be helpful, including Tylenol and Advil. These OTC meds will decrease discomfort and relieve fevers. Pain and fever are both symptoms of genital herpes outbreaks.

While OTC medications are pretty gentle (you’ve probably taken them without incident a hundred times!), prescription-strength medications for herpes are a lot different. They do come with side effects due to the fact that they create toxicity in the body. For example, Valtrex may cause stomach pains and sick stomach, as well as headaches, dizzy spells, fatigue and feelings of being depressed.

As well, it may contribute to pain in the joints, increased pain during menstruation (females only, of course) and rashes. Lastly, it may cause a stuffed-up nose and a sore throat.

There aren’t any prescription-strength medications for herpes which don’t come with these sorts of potential side effects. Some people tolerate them well and some people don’t. Those who avoid chemicals, which are lab-created and therefore not natural, will do better with a more natural treatment approach.

There are ways to change your lifestyle in order to feel better and in order reduce the frequency of outbreaks. You don’t have to resign yourself to taking something which may have the capacity to cause more harm than good.

Those who get prescriptions for herpes medications need to be aware of the risks. Usually, a doctor will speak with a patient about the side effects and contraindications that are triggered by such medications. Also, the medications should come with monographs which detail possible side effects and/or long-term health risks.

Be sure to read this stuff if you’re interested in taking lab-created medications. Knowing what you’re getting into is important!

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How to Stop Living with Herpes

The other option is going natural. This means changing the way that you eat and live with a mind to blocking herpes symptoms and removing outbreaks. Once you’ve tried the natural method, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised by just how well it works.

You may have heard about Echinacea. This natural herb is something that a lot of people with herpes try. The truth is that this isn’t the best herb for herpes treatment. Studies have shown that it doesn’t reduce symptoms or outbreaks. However, there are other options. Echinacea may be better to take when you have the common cold – it does seem to help there!

One natural treatment option is Propolis ointment, which has a waxy texture and is made by bees. It’s a great natural cure-all for herpes sores, as it is known to promote speed-healing. When you use this ointment, your sores may go away faster than they would if you used a prescription medication and the ointment won’t come with the risk of side effects. Clinical studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of this ointment.

Another option is an herb known as Prunella Vulgaris, which contains compounds that battle both strains of herpes (oral and genital). Bear in mind that the natural cures that we’re mentioning here don’t have FDA approval. Take them at your own risk – however, they are very safe for most people to take. The FDA is slower in approving holistic remedies for herpes.

You may find Prunella Vulgaris online or in some health stores. Look for this natural herpes treatment where supplements are sold and try to choose an organic, filler-free formula.

To get the right diet and lifestyle tips, you may wish to find a natural herpes cure e-book online. There are lot of tips in these books. For example, you may find that eating foods which are rich in zinc, such as steak and eggs, helps you to reduce the severity and frequency of your herpes symptoms. It’s all about learning which foods promote better health and which foods may make things worse.

Herpes Secret Book

Getting proper rest, getting enough hydration and eating well are very important. A good e-book will map out the process for you and you may refer back to it whenever you need to. You may not realize that things like getting enough sleep actually impact your health when it comes to herpes. The truth is that they do.

Learning how to practice proper self-care will be the key to unlocking better health in no time flat. Experimenting with natural supplements and ointments will also be very beneficial. Some people end their reliance on prescription medications for herpes via these methods. Other avoid taking toxic prescription medications in the first place.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to see the possibilities. Trying out natural therapies first certainly won’t hurt and it will help a lot.

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